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Your Primary Element is METAL
and your Secondary Element is FIRE


Your primary element 

  • most influential and deeply rooted
  • prompts the majority of your behavioral responses to the world
  • defines the main way you look at the world, your relationships, and yourself

Your secondary element 

  • next line of defense
  • takes over when your primary element gets stressed
  • influences the more nuanced parts of your personality

Your Primary Element:


METAL elements are idealistic, refined, discerning. They
have an amazing ability to pick up tiny details in any situation,
analyze them, and distill them down to useful information.

This perceptive ability makes them very sensitive to the world around them, and they often feel like they need to protect their fragility with a hardened exterior.

With their refined nature, they can be the perfect diplomat, always seeking to do the right thing at the right time.

They tend to need more time to themselves to process their experiences, so sometimes they can be perceived as aloof.

Metal elements have a great amount of respect for rules and boundaries and very high standards of conduct for themselves and others. Sometimes they can get overly identified with these ideals and become rigid and perfectionistic.


Practical Tips:

Be aware of your tendency to be critical, both of yourself and others. Too much self-criticism leads to self-doubt and low self worth.

Try looking for the silver lining in situations or what you’ve done well. It’ll be more than you think.

With others, remember that not everyone sees the world in as much detail as you do. Sometimes it’s better to stop analyzing and start experiencing.

Staying protected all the time cuts you off from people and yourself. Breathe, and let down your defenses a bit so others can see the real you.




Be wary of becoming too attached to your tendency to structure everything.

A structured routine is comforting for you, but too much structure can stifle creativity and keep you from the intuitive flow of life.

Too much structure can also lead to a fanatical, dogmatic, and narrow view of the world.

With your powers of analysis, there is undoubtedly a great reason why you've chosen to do things the way you do, but remember that not everyone shares the same values and there are numerous ways to go about different tasks.


Who Else has a Metal Element Personality?

Fictional Characters

Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)
Legolas (Lord of the Rings)
Hermione (Harry Potter)
Serverus Snape (Harry Potter)
Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

Real People

Tim Gunn
Gwyneth Paltrow
Meryl Streep
Uma Thurman
Adrian Brody

PLUS: Download the full cheatsheet for this element as a printable PDF!


And Your Secondary Element:


FIRE elements are warm, passionate, and emotionally open. Just like an open flame, they can be dramatic, intense, and flighty or pleasantly subdued and relaxed. Their dynamic range and ability to connect with others is the greatest among the elements.

They tend to love entertaining people, and can be the life of the party. Jokesters all around, they'll bring a smile to your face. They prefer a light and jovial approach to life.

Fire people thrive on forming connection, and often feel the most motivated in group settings. They can easily find themselves chatting with strangers and calling new acquaintances friends.

They value freedom and spontaneity, which leads them to wander quite a bit and not set down roots easily.

Fire can get too caught up in the pursuit of freedom and joy and lose touch with reality. They sometimes rush into situations without fully considering the implications, and have to deal with the consequences later.

Practical Tips:

Find something that helps you stay grounded — deep breathing, taking your shoes off and letting your feet connect with the ground (yes, seriously), or a practice that is meaningful to you like yoga or meditation.

You can easily float from one thing to another, which is fun, but many times you wonder how you ended up where you did.

Staying grounded helps you connect with the current situation and more fully consider the consequences of actions.

Your partner/friends/family will appreciate it too, because you’ll be in one place and present long enough to truly connect with them, rather than keeping things superficial.

Emotionally Open


Beware of the emotional swings between anxiety and depression that can happen for you. Fire people have a wide range of emotion that makes them very fun, dynamic, and able to instantly connect with a wide range of people.

Since emotions are so easily accessible for you, you can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other quickly. This can make you seem dramatic and overwhelming to others, or to yourself.

Many times emotions bubble up and are expressed before you have a chance to process them.

Remember to slow down, process, and get perspective on your emotions. Writing, or non-verbal forms of expression like painting or drawing can be very helpful for gaining insight into your feelings.

Who Else has a Fire Element Personality?

Fictional Characters

Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter)
Harry Potter (Harry Potter)
Rocky (Rocky)
Dory (Finding Nemo)
Michael Scott (The Office)

Real People

Robin Williams
Bethany Hamilton
Amy Poehler
Ringo Starr
Ben Folds

PLUS: Download the full cheatsheet for this element as a printable PDF!

Understanding Your Combined Elemental Archetype

The Artisan

Some elements like working together better than others according to Chinese medicine. I’ll highlight qualities of both elements that show you how they can work synergistically together, how they might butt heads, and advice for getting your elements to work well together.


  • Charm
  • Perseverance
  • Warmth
  • Analysis
  • Achievement
  • Connection

Beware of:

  • Pathological perfectionism stifling spontaneity and freedom
  • Anxiety and flightiness turning to chaos and disintegrating structure and order

Restore balance through:

  • A new or enjoyable activity in an intimate setting that engages your creative side

BONUS: How can I tell how balanced
my elements are?

Here’s one really special characteristic that you can use to instantly identify which element is at the forefront of your life right now. The one that’s driving your behavior the most.

For most people it will be their primary element and for some it will be their secondary element. When you know which element is the most triggered, you can gently start to balance it and regain your agency in situations, rather than just reacting to them. In short, you’ll feel more like yourself again!




Learn to work with your elements. That's what it's all about.

As you understand more about your elements through self-examination, education, and growth, your true primary and secondary elements will become more clear.

You can also benefit from natural trea­tments tha­t help you balance yourself. 5 element ­acupuncture is the most direct route, but ma­ss­age, yog­a, counseling, etc. a­re a­ll helpful. Anything that inspires healing and growth within you fits the bill!

Balance is the goal!

We want to know our elements, understand them, and find a comfortable equilibrium for them within ourselves. When they are balanced, we feel more at peace and in touch with who we are than ever before.

It's a beautiful place to be! And one that you can find as you learn more about the elements and how to balance them internally.

You are the true captain of your ship when it comes to balancing these traits. What you do for yourself matters more than anything else. And that takes time, dedication, some elbow grease, and love, but yields amazingly deep results.  

There’s ­alway­s more to learn about yourself.

The elements are a window into an amazing internal world that can improve self-understanding and relationships, and finally get you started down a path of a more balanced and meaningful life.

If you want even more great information about your 5 element personality type as well as tons of fantastic information on how to lead a fulfilled, healthy, and purpose-driven life, check out my website and blog at drlizcarter.com, and my YouTube channel and Facebook page for great videos.

Thanks again for taking the test and I truly hope that you enjoyed it and learned a lot about yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my results be saved?


Once you have created an account on the website by entering your email address to take the test (we never share it with anyone!), your results are saved with that email address and applied to your profile.

So please don’t have others use your account to take the test - it is for your personal use only!

Any time you log into the site, you can access your results in the member’s area. You can also see previous results, if you take the test more than once.

What if I felt torn between 2 answers on the test?

Feeling undecided between a couple options is likely to happen a few times because of the in-depth, scenario-based questions and answers. There's a lot to decide on!

All of the 5 elements are within us, we just happen to have one or two that we usually respond with the most.

But another one could shine through in a particular situation, and that may be what happens on a few of the test questions for you.

Your primary and secondary element may be competing against each other on some of the questions. Or maybe even another element that's triggered by that particular topic!

The purpose of the test is to find your most dominant, or primary element.

So choose the answer that BEST represents you at the core level, even if you don’t agree with everything the entire answer says.

And if you feel like there were enough questions you weren't sure about that your results may have been thrown off, by all means, take the test again! It's free to do so!

What if I don’t feel like my results are accurate?

By all means, retake the test! It’s free to do so!

It’s possible there were enough questions you were unsure about that your results got skewed a bit.

Here are some pointers for the next time you take the test:

#1: It can be worthwhile to have someone like a friend, family member, or significant other help you take the test. Oftentimes they have much clearer insight into how you react and interact with the world than you do.

#2: Many times we can find ourselves answering questions the way we’d like to be able to answer, or for our ideal self, instead of for our real self. Be careful to be honest with yourself, sometimes brutally so, to get the best results.

#3 Take the test when you are feeling stable and calm. Not after a stressful day or traumatic event, as your emotions will be reflected in your results, and these emotions may or may not be representative of your core state of being.

I’ve done my best to provide you with an accurate test that focuses on helping you explore yourself and your ideas about the world in a comprehensive manner, and I continue to strive to improve the results.

Your feedback is always welcome and can be emailed to me at drliz@drlizcarter.com or click here. I read every email I receive and I take my members' suggestions to heart!

This is fascinating and I want to know more. Where can I learn more about the 5 elements?

I’m constantly updating my website with new articles and resources regarding the 5 elements. Please check out the 5 elements category of my blog. 

I also offer a course called 5 Elements to Success that looks at the elements in-depth and can provide you with a great amount of knowledge about yourself and others in your life. Stay tuned to your email for news of the next launch coming soon.

If you’re local to the Seattle area and want to work with me privately, I have an acupuncture practice where I use 5 elements, among many other techniques, in West Seattle. You can find my practice at www.newleafnaturalmedicine.com

In the future, I will offer one-on-one element consults for you! Keep your eyes peeled, as I’ll announce it via my newsletter.

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