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Stop Fighting Your Nature

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Discover Your Own Unique Strengths and Weaknesses According to Chinese Medicine

Dr Liz Carter

Phone: (206) 395-5827

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4138 SW Webster St.
Seattle, WA 98136


I really enjoyed taking the Five Elements Personality Test and found the results to be quite illuminating.

The results of this test did resonate more deeply with me than others I have taken.

Having the scenario based questions along with the  questions I answer on a scale may have captured my essence more fully.

Maybe it is also that I could relate to the idea of an element; I know what fire feels like. An Enneagram number or Myers Briggs personality type is less tangible.

I now find myself adding the lens of elements to my process of exploring my inner world, my relationships and my patients. Very Cool!

Aimee H.


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