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3 Steps to Resolving Cravings and Emotional Eating for Good, Without Willpower, So You Can Achieve a Healthy, Balanced Relationship with Food and Your Own Body

Rebuild and repair the rift between you and your food so you can eat what you love while getting to a healthier place physically, mentally, and emotionally. Without losing control, being racked with guilt, or just plain giving up.

It took me years of anguish and shame with food, yo-yoing through restricting and bingeing cycles, and widely swinging weight....

… to finally figure out how to achieve a healthy, balanced relationship with food and my own body.

My weight stabilized for the first time in 10 years and I resolved and made peace with the rampant cravings and emotional eating cycles that were running my life.

Join me in my Food Freedom Masterclass, and you’ll discover how I now teach my patients to listen to themselves and their cravings without guilt, shame, fear, and frustration… and actually hear what these cravings and emotional eating patterns are telling them. 

Because until we stop resisting and ignoring them, we can never resolve them.

And we can’t hear the critical feedback they’re giving us.

Plus, get my ONE key takeaway you need to be MORE IN CONTROL around food than you ever could be by dieting. 

It might surprise you and I’m excited to see the impact it will have in your life when you embrace it!

    Pick a Time + Secure Your Spot in the FREE Food Freedom Masterclass right here:

    You’ll walk away from this masterclass with...

    • LESS confusion and MORE clarity around your cravings and emotional eating
    • LESS blame and MORE appreciation for what they are telling you
    • LESS denial and MORE awareness around your food stressors + triggers
    • LESS guilt and MORE empowerment around your food choices
    • LESS heartache and frustration and MORE love for your food + yourself

    And when you can get to a peaceful, balanced relationship with food, you can nourish your health physically, mentally, and emotionally.

    Because food is so much more than just fuel, and ignoring that fact is what gets us into so much trouble with our weight and health that no amount of dieting can fix.


    Here’s all of the super valuable stuff we’ll cover when you show up:

    • My 3 Counter-Intuitive Steps to Food Freedom so you can finally release cravings and emotional eating for good without willpower, and without all the stress and self-restriction.
    • What your cravings are trying to tell you, how to hear what they’re saying that’s so important, and why ignoring them just makes them stronger and more persistent.
    • The way to achieve balance, joy, and health by eating to nourish ourselves physically, mentally, AND emotionally… and why the first step is actually releasing all the self-restriction so we can build a healthy, balanced relationship with even our biggest “trouble foods.”
    • What food rules and food fads are more hype than reality, and how to uncover what actually works for you without having to always be “perfect.” (while still integrating any medical restrictions you have in a healthy way)
    • Stories from my own patients + exactly how they learned to feel more confident around their food and in their bodies, resolve persistent cravings and emotional eating, and as a result achieve better health in a holistic way.
    • The ONE key takeaway you need to be MORE IN CONTROL around food than you ever could be dieting so you can listen to yourself and your cravings without guilt, shame, and fear, and finally start healing your relationship with food.

    Pick a Time + Secure Your Spot in the FREE Food Freedom Masterclass right here:

    I’ve struggled deeply with food, and so have so many of my patients.

    Loving ourselves and our food is the key to becoming healthier than ever.

    I have struggled to keep my weight down for many years. Now I can forgive myself for perceived food sins because I now understand why I was needlessly beating myself up. 

    I have eaten more healthy foods in the last 5 days than in the past 5 years because I deserve it.  I feel full, happy and more energetic. I have eliminated the stress surrounding the deal making I constantly made with myself about eating junk. Junk is gone and good riddance!  Thank you Dr Liz."

    - Stephanie

    Diets don’t work. 

    We know this, but we keep trying them again and again.

    Either we’re a little crazy, or we just really don’t know where else to turn to improve our health and weight.

    It’s time that all changed.

    There’s a better, healthier way to relate to our food and our own bodies that has NOTHING to do with

    • “good” and “bad” foods
    • restriction
    • calorie counting
    • macronutrient ratios 
    • weight loss goals
    • and more

    JUST SAY NO to shame, guilt, overwhelm, and stress around your food! Let’s find a way to let go of being “perfect” and release the grip of cravings and emotional eating.

    Instead, let’s turn YOU + FOOD into a love story that leaves you healthier physically, mentally, AND emotionally!

    YOU are the best person on the planet to decide what you want to eat and what makes you feel good.

    Not a guru.

    Not an expensive membership plan.

    And not me.

    Once you know how to listen to and resolve all those cravings and emotional eating habits, you can finally find a healthy, balanced relationship with food.

    In this masterclass, there will be no:

    • restrictive diet advice or exercise requirements
    • talk of which superfood you need to eat immediately to lose weight
    • recommendations for expensive supplements, cleanses, or products

    This is a good old-fashioned heart-to-heart between you and your relationship with food. 

    Real talk from me.

    Real change for YOU.

    Are you in?

    Join me, Dr. Liz Carter, for this FREE masterclass where I’ll teach you WHAT REALLY MATTERS in order to transform your relationship with food into a love fest instead of a guilt fest.

    I struggled with disordered eating patterns for 10 years. I’ve learned a thing or two.


    And I want to share it with you to make your journey toward a healthier relationship with food easier and faster and with less effort than you think.

    So if you’re like I was and are in the middle of:

    • Stress eating junk food, then beating yourself up over it, making you feel ashamed and guilty so you eat EVEN MORE
    • Feeling out of control of your eating habits and cravings, and constantly obsessing over food
    • Feeling driven to eat out of boredom when you’re not even hungry… and hating yourself for it
    • Eating what's convenient and comforting out of stress, depression, or fatigue, instead of craving healthier foods you want to eat that support you
    • Not being able to stop when you’re full, or going from restricting yourself right into uncontrollable bingeing

    You’re in the right place.

    It’s time to feel AMAZING about your food instead of battling against it.

    It’s time to empower yourself to make your own decisions instead of feeling like a constant failure around your nutrition when you get confused and overwhelmed.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing you there and sharing this incredible information with you so you can start healing your relationship with food FOR GOOD.

    Meet Dr. Liz Carter, Your Host!

    Hi there! I'm Dr. Liz and I’m a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist in Seattle, WA. A large part of my practice centers around helping my patients navigate their relationship with food, whether that be addressing bingeing and restriction, cravings, emotional eating, food sensitivities, or medical or health conditions of like IBS, Crohn’s, gallbladder issues, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux, and diabetes, and more.

    I’ve spent over a decade working with my own relationship with food that had been disordered since I was 16. After years of feeling worthless, alone and guilty about my body size and food choices, I realized that my happiness, fulfillment, and health didn’t revolve around the number of calories or types of foods I ate. I want you to find peaceful place to co-exist with everything from celery to tacos to donuts, just like I have. It’s totally possible with a little compassion, love, and support!

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