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Taste of Summer: My Top Recipes and Summer Foods Cheatsheet to Boost Your Digestion, Mood, and Energy Levels

Get my FREE guide and live with the seasons using the 5,000 year old wisdom of Chinese medicine

Inside my FREE Taste of Summer quick guide you'll:

  • Discover the best foods for Summer and why they matter during this particular season in your health and mood.
  • Get my TOP summer recipes to get you started (including my Korean Barbecue Pork Lettuce Wraps and my No Churn 5 Minute Banana Avocado Chocolate Ice Cream) that are both tasty AND super nutritious.
  • And receive a special cheatsheet to the most beneficial foods for Summer... so the next time you’re at the store, you know exactly what to grab in a glance! You can even print it out to bring with you.

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