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5 Elements to Success: A Guide to Knowing Yourself so You Can Achieve Your Goals

Hi there!

I’m Dr. Liz Carter and I’m here to help you go from just surviving to fully thriving.

I first want to say thank you for stopping by!

We're all so busy these days, time is very precious, and I'm excited and honored that you're here.

I’m also really excited to share with you what I’ve learned about how to achieve your goals.

I’ve been helping my patients with this method for a few years now, and I’ve seen them make fantastic positive changes to their lives as a result.

I wanted to share it with more people so everyone can start creating positive change for themselves and become happier and healthier as a result!


Welcome To A New You

Welcome to your first steps toward a deeper, more meaningful understanding of yourself.

Welcome to your first steps toward accomplishing the goals you’ve been dreaming of.

Welcome to a new you!

New You

These are all big statements, but important ones.

We all dream. We all want to achieve.

We all deeply desire to find something that will feed us from within and create a happy, healthy, and sustainable life.

But, we often get hung up, or allow things be put on hold, or tell ourselves we’ll make time, just not now.

And another year goes by. And that goal sits on the shelf, collecting dust.


Our Goals Are Our Deepest Desires

I think we minimize our goals and dreams because we’re afraid.

Goals are just dreams, or little parts of dreams, that we somehow make concrete — we write them down, verbalize them or express them to close friends or family.

This is an extremely difficult moment, because when our goals are expressed, we have to admit that we truly desire them.

And that can be terrifying.

Our goals represent our deepest desires, and working toward those goals makes us better people.

By pursuing our goals, we learn about ourselves, which, I think, is one of the most meaningful things we can do with our lives — learn to become better people — more passionate, more grounded, more empathetic, more patient.

Whatever it is, it’s worth pursuing and developing these qualities in yourself.

It’s worth the vulnerability it takes to put a goal out there and say “I’m going for it!"

The New Year is a great example of this.

About 40-50% of people make a New Year’s resolution, but only about 8% succeed in sticking to their goal. 8%!

Sometimes life and other circumstances get in the way of following through, but with only an 8% success rate, we must be missing something else!


Why is it so hard to keep the momentum going?

The short and sweet, though sweeping and utterly lacking insight answer is, “you are unique and not everything works for everyone."

I’m sure you've heard this before.

Sometimes more advice follows with “Try a variety of options and see what works best for you” or “Just choose one and go with it!"

Neither of these answers are particularly helpful or satisfying.

Both direct you toward a blind trial and error method of testing out solutions without any guarantee you’ll stumble upon one that works for you.

In fact, it seems obvious from the statistics that most people don’t find anything that works, or they get frustrated with the arduous process and quit.

So many tools and methods exist to help you pursue your goals. How do you choose? Choices What if there was something that could narrow down those choices for you?

That could take 80% —yes! 80%! — of the guess work out of which programs or packages or memberships might be the most useful to you?


Find What Will Help You The Most

Well, look no further, friends!

I’ve studied this method myself for over 7 years and have found it to be massively helpful in my personal and professional life.

Not only will it help you pick the right tools to help you succeed in achieving your goals, it will provide you with tons of useful information about yourself that you can apply to all areas of your life.

Have you ever wondered:

  • Why you excel at some things and struggle with others?
  • Why you can’t seem to help the way you react to situations or handle them?
  • Why you’re drawn to certain things in life when others are not?
  • Why certain people get under your skin?

There is an organizing principle to all these questions, believe it or not! It all starts with something like a personality type.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the Myers-Briggs personality system with 16 different categories.

Or maybe you’ve done an assessment at work where you’re assigned one of four colors based on your results, and you compare it with your co-workers' results to get an idea of your likely compatibility.

The system I use is similar, though it has a lot more history behind it — about 5,000 years!

5 Element theory, or one of the fundamental philosophies of Chinese medicine, is an accurate and meaningful tool for self development and understanding those unseen drivers in our lives.

Each personality type is known as a constitution. 

Knowing your 5 element constitution is like having a secret roadmap to yourself.


You can dig deep into who you are and see what you need to succeed in pursuing your goals, improving your communication, understanding your natural strengths and weakness, and more.

5 element theory is like a giant encyclopedia about who we are — it touches on so many aspects of our personality and behaviors.

It sheds light on why we conduct ourselves the way we do, and most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to grow beyond our unconscious drives and perspective.


Learn How To Use 5 Elements To Your Best Advantage

This is why I created my 5 Elements to Success course.

5 elements is such an easy-to-understand principle, everyone can benefit from this type of self examination and exploration.

Imagine how understanding unconscious tendencies could revolutionize how you live your life!

Here are a few testimonials from patients of mine who have learned about 5 element theory:


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The 5 Element constitutions have been useful in almost every area of life — understanding personal connections with others, styles of communication and defense mechanisms, and personal growth and development. It's an especially useful tool as a practitioner for quick, yet supportive evaluations that support overall casework.

Serena K.

Mental Health Counselor

It surprised me intensely to hear observations about myself that were so accurate and unexpected. It sort of jolted me out of a long postpartum/parenting fog and helped me see how I needed to better care for myself.

Christine W.

Author, Root & Star Children's Magazine

It has added another layer of understanding to reality and how things are - which helps to see things more for of the 'why they are' and not just 'because they are' - this has helped me in understanding myself a little better and with more knowledge will help me 'read' others the same way.

Marisa B.


Achieve Your Goals With 5 Elements

It can be frustrating if we just feel like we’re on autopilot.

If we’re just floating through life, reacting to the world rather than manifesting our own destiny.

This class is designed to help you learn more about yourself so you can go for it and achieve! Full force, prepared, diving into making those goals and dreams a reality.

Goals Notepad

In this 2 day live course you’ll learn:

How to figure out which element you are, and as a result, your specific:


Communication preferences

  • Gain awareness into your own behavior and relate to others more effectively.
  • Build greater connection and intimacy with friends, family, coworkers, and partners and create the deeper, more fulfilling relationships we all crave.

Conflict management style 

  • So you can navigate those difficult situations with the people in your life more smoothly, with less arguing and more resolution.

Internal motivation

  • Leap forward in your success instead of dragging yourself along inch by inch.
  • Choose the tools that align with your element, so you can reach your goals with more ease and consistency.

Pitfalls and challenges

  • We’ll cover the ones your element is likely to face so you can spot roadblocks before they’re an issue.
  • Glide past problems that would have stopped you dead in your tracks before.

Strengths and superpowers

  • Play to your natural abilities and achieve more of what you want.
  • Don’t spend your time focused on your perceived failures and weaknesses; instead connect deeply with your strengths and maximize them.


You’ll also receive these amazing bonuses!

Bonus #1

5 Element Personality Test

  • Get free access to this in-depth test so you can identify your element type before we begin the class.
  • It’s like a supercharged personality test, because it has 5,000 years Chinese medicine to back it up!
  • Start class with a clear picture of which type you are so you can get the most out of your learning experience! We’ll review the tests at the beginning of class to answer any questions you might have.

Bonus #2

5 Element Cheat Sheets

  • Keep these quick reference guides at hand for an easy reminder of the key issues and principles of each element.
  • They can be a great time saver or study guide!

Bonus #3

Resolution Roadmap

  • Get this awesome, goal-setting plan to help you map out your dreams and desires and make them a reality.
  • We’ll walk through this step-by-step in class, so you can get a jumpstart on your goals.

Bonus #4

Learn to Assess the Elements of Others

  • You've learned about your own element and now you're naturally curious about others in your life.
  • Get pro tips from Dr. Liz about how to unlock the elements of those around you.


Find The Right Tool For You

Many of the tools that exist to help you achieve your goals are geared toward one certain type of person.

They play to that particular type of person’s strengths. Which is fabulous for that one type of person! But for everyone else, not so much.

The tool is not hitting on your personal motivation factor — or what drives you to succeed.

Remember when I said 5 elements could cut down on 80% of the stuff that isn’t going to speak to you? Well, it’s true.

Here are the details you need to know:

5 Elements to Success: A Guide to Knowing Yourself so You Can Achieve Your Goals


Saturday and Sunday December 3 & 4, 2016
10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday, with a lunch break from 12pm to 1:30pm
Note: lunch is not included; please bring your own or plan to eat in Edmonds. There are many great options nearby!


Best Western Edmonds Harbor Inn, Edmonds, WA (parking available)
Main Conference Room
130 W Dayton St.
Edmonds, WA 98020

Continuing Education:

For practitioners, a certificate of completion will be available for CE purposes (12 hours)

What will be provided:

  • Organic snacks, water, and tea
  • Printed course materials (slide print outs, worksheets), electronic materials will be available per request
    Note: please bring your own writing implements and paper to take notes if you’d like


$225 Early Bird Registration (save $25) through November 5th!
Registration goes to $250 after November 5th!

Register now to lock in your spot!

Let’s get a on jumpstart your goals together!


Register Today!

Note: You will be taken to another site to register for the program at the Community School of Natural Therapeutics.

I realized that each of my weaknesses has a corresponding strength and that I can harness and celebrate the element as a whole rather than simply 'try to get rid of bad habits.'

Sarah C.

Life Coach, MSW, Sarah Cohn Coaching

Let me break it down for you

There are 5 constitutions, and everyone has 1 main constitution. The other 4, or 80%, aren’t going to apply to you.

Voila! Just by knowing a few simple things about yourself through this theory, you can learn how to focus on that 20% that is meaningful to you!

Oftentimes we have some idea which situations or things motivate us.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Money
  • Power
  • Recognition
  • Acceptance
  • Growth
  • Respect
  • Connection
  • Harmony
  • Justice

The list goes on! But, do we know why we’re attracted to those things? Why they motivate us?

5 elements reaches into the deepest layer of ourselves and pulls out the organizing principle behind our motivations.

And communication. And strengths and weaknesses. Everything I mentioned above.

5 element theory can be applied to the self, as well as others around you, making it the perfect personal growth tool for anyone.

Practitioners will find it useful in understanding more deeply what natural strengths and challenges their patients face.

It can also improve the therapeutic relationship by uncovering root drives and motivations and enhancing counseling strategies.

Knowing the key forces in our lives can unlock a world of possibility beyond the reactive cycle most of us live in.


Let's Get Going!

Put things into gear and start creating your new and improved self!

Space in the class is limited, so make sure you register soon!

Register Today!

Note: You will be taken to another site to register for the program at the Community School of Natural Therapeutics.

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