Your Personal Guide to THRIVE

Finally achieve a balanced, healthy relationship with food... and break free of cravings, emotional eating, food guilt, and more!

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We can’t have a balanced and healthy relationship with our food if we’re still secretly fighting against cravings, arbitrary restrictions that don't help us, and destructive cycles of emotional eating and bingeing.

We’ll just keep sabotaging ourselves emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Continuing the same old patterns.

Trying yet another diet over and over again.

YOU get to decide which role you allow food to play in your life.

A donut, a taco, or a piece of celery -- it’s totally possible to get to a place where you can take or leave them and NOT be swimming in guilt, anxiety, shame, or frustration just for looking at them. 

And without them taking over your life either. You don't have to feel out of control anymore.

You can achieve a balanced, healthy relationship with food that nourishes your life and brings you and your body joy and peace.

Somewhere along the line... Our Relationship with Food Just Got Complicated

  • The go-to foods we use to soothe our emotions.
  • The deep, painful memories of someone we love making us feel less than enough.... so we grabbed a cookie instead of expressing ourself.
  • Being our own worst critic about our own body... shaming ourselves for the food we envision going straight to our thighs or tummy.
  • The constant barrage of conflicting information causing us to villianize and forcefully restrict foods... only to crave them more!

Sometimes there’s one very painful moment that sticks in your mind.

And sometimes there’s constant conditioning that’s happened over the years from past experiences, diet culture, or both.

And sometimes it's just our bodies crying out for attention.


But none of this has to hold you back anymore.

Food is more than fuel. More than a set of rules.

And the truth is - we each have our own needs around food that are unique to our bodies, our personalities, and our life experience. 

There is a better, more balanced and compassionate way to relate to your food, your hunger, your body, and all those emotional food triggers.

And I mean ALL foods, not just the “approved” food of the diet industry like low calorie, low salt, low sugar, low flavor BLEGH.


Changing how you interact with your food is the key to stopping your exhausting and demoralizing battle with the very thing that allows us to keep. on. living.

  • Stop feeling like you’re a slave to cravings or emotions around food.
  • Enjoy eating things you felt guilty for having in your diet and STOP obsessing about them all the time as well.
  • Learn to cook what brings you joy and nourishes you.
  • Stop relying on willpower to help you eat less and start listening to your own hunger and satiety cues.
  • Feel confident that the foods you choose to eat will support your mental, emotional, and physical health.

You don’t have to feel out of control anymore. And… you don’t have to control FOOD either.

When you try to control your food... you trigger what I like to call the 4 emotional horseman of dieting:

#1 Shame -- I should be able to do this, and now I feel awful about myself for failing.

#2 Blame -- If I had just eaten all the right things, this wouldn’t be a problem.

#3 Denial -- Well, I messed up once, so I might as well do it again!

#4 Guilt -- If I had done a better job, I’d be able to stick to my plan right now.

WHOA. That is some heavy stuff.

They unravel our relationship with food from the inside.. leaving us stressed, overwhelmed, and tired of going through the same old cycles.

I know how common it is to feel this way. I lived it for many years.

I’m Dr. Liz Carter and I’m a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist in Seattle, WA. A large part of my practice centers around helping my patients navigate their relationship with food, whether that be addressing bingeing and restriction, cravings, emotional eating, food sensitivities, or medical or health conditions of like IBS, Crohn’s, gallbladder issues, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux, and diabetes, and more.

For over a decade I was in the depths of this crazy emotional dieting loop

I constantly told myself I needed to restrict my food to be thin and beautiful and to get what I wanted out of life.

I went into heavy magical thinking with my diets, believing that all of my problems would be solved if I could just look the way I wanted to.

All I had to do was control my food.

My restriction turned into bingeing my first year of naturopathic medical school.

After years of deprivation, I couldn’t stop myself and I gained 25 pounds in 6 months.

My self-confidence was shot.

I was overworked, stressed, and at one of the lowest points of my life. And food was my coping mechanism, which is a nice way of saying that it was my drug of choice.

Through all of this I wondered:

"HOW I was going to be able to be a good doctor?"

"If I was struggling this much, how could I possibly help anyone else?"

"Who was going to take my advice if I couldn’t even take care of myself?"

I knew I had to change this story I’d been telling myself about food and who I was. For me and for my future patients.

I got help from a wonderful naturopath and finally began unearthing the origins of my self-loathing, criticism, and judgment.

I finally saw that I was trying to solve deep, internal emotional issues with a mindset geared toward external validation based on my body size and shape.

I finally understood that my happiness and fulfillment in life didn’t depend on my body size, the number of calories I ate, or the foods I did or didn’t eat.

And I realized how imbalanced and unhealthy my relationship with food had become.... even as I strived to do everything "right."

Nowadays I’m not constantly fighting back cravings, or the urge to binge or restrict myself.

I’ve found a peaceful place to co-exist with everything from kale to cheeseburgers to cupcakes.

Yes. I said it. Even cupcakes!

I’m not perfect. I definitely slip up.

But I also know how to release the blame and shame and tension so that cycle doesn’t become my norm again.

  • I really don’t worry about my body size anymore.
  • I trust my body to tell me when I’m hungry and when I’m full... and know how to listen to it.
  • I trust and listen to my cravings, as crazy as that sounds... now knowing what they are actually telling me without becoming obsessive.
  • And I process my emotions... instead of letting them turn into emotional eating patterns.

"I always struggled with feelings of guilt, shame, and inadequacy because I couldn’t ever follow through with a diet. I struggle with being gluten free. I appreciate that Dr. Liz has lived through diet culture and … she understands the challenging process of redefining your relationship with food on your own terms.

It feels like a load has been lifted off of my chest and it’s amazing.

I listen to my body more than I used to and ask myself if I’m truly hungry or if I’m just seeking comfort. If I’m seeking comfort I then ask myself if food is the best way to comfort myself or if I can use another coping skill.

I am eating in a better and healthier way for myself now. This course really resonated with me and I feel like I have come a long way in listening to my body around food."

- Danielle

Once I started deeply valuing myself, my weight stabilized for the first time in over 10 years

But this isn’t everyone tells us.

They tells us that we need to:

  • Just try harder
  • Find the right diet plan
  • Buy the right supplement
  • Start the right fitness routine

But when we inevitably don’t succeed, we blame ourselves for our failure and start looking for the next plan or supplement or guru who can tell us what we need. Because clearly, we can’t do it for ourselves.

I know we can. You can. Given the right tools.

You are totally capable of letting go of all that fear and baggage holding you back so you can finally have a balanced, healthy relationship with food.

Be free to choose WHAT you really want to eat.

Be free to choose what health looks like for YOU.

Be free to nourish yourself without constantly thinking about food.

Be free to listen to your cravings and emotional eating patterns so you can finally understand what they’re telling you.

Be free to take pleasure in eating and in your food, whenever and wherever and however often you please without feeling guilty about it... and without cascading into those old binging patterns.

You’re not at the mercy of your food - any food, “good” or “bad”. Celery or pizza. Spinach or cake.

Those “guilty pleasures” don’t have to be guilty anymore.

You might be thinking:

“Great let's just open the emotional floodgates! Then where will I be? Sitting in a pile of ice cream + cookies hating myself even more?” 

The fear of losing control is very real.

Repairing your relationship with food is NOT handing control over to food to unconsciously give into every whim and craving.

It IS about diffusing how different foods and different food choices make you feel.

It’s about putting an end to the emotional hijacking that keeps you thinking about food all the time, craving certain foods, emotionally eating, and amplifies your restriction and bingeing cycles day after day.

We can connect to our natural, intuitive, mental, emotional, and biological signals that allow us to eat in a balanced, healthy way unique to our own needs.

Your body fundamentally doesn’t understand your attempt to control it and it will rebel back against you by making you hungry, tired, and irritable.

That doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

The emotional eating, cravings, bingeing and restricting cycles, and other destructive patterns that we try to just push away as irrelevant or too overwhelming to address don’t come out of nowhere.

They happen because we’re not actually listening to ourselves.

But when we do, we can develop our own happy, healthy place with food.

One that works with our own bodies and needs, and one that can decide how we want to react to an urge or craving or a desire to use food as therapy instead of nourishment and joy.

I'm going to show you all of this and more, getting you to your own, unique happy, healthy place with food.

"While I'm not a trained professional in the food world, my leisure reading consists of mostly books and research on nutrition (I think I've read one novel in the past 10 years!), so I really didn't expect to see a whole lot of new ideas or information in this course.

For the Love of Food delivered.

"It opened up my mind about food, diets, and frankly, the health benefits of simply enjoying food."

Dr. Liz offers a very needed compassionate and humorous approach to the deep look inside, where the real answers about food and your health and vitality lay.

She keeps the content easy to follow and digest. I would definitely recommend FTLOF to anyone who is seeking the optimal diet or who has been frustrated with dieting in the past.

- Alexandra D., Seattle WA

We don’t need more conflicting advice about what, when, and how to eat from the diets, plans, + gurus

We need clear action we can take that we know:

  • Supports our ability to eat for pleasure and enjoyment
  • To find foods that lift us up rather than tearing us down
  • To let go of restriction and obsession
  • To reduce cravings and emotional eating
  • And to learn to trust our bodies

It doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming.

But since no one talks about the importance of your relationship with food beyond calories and macronutrients... we blame ourselves for a failure of willpower.

You can’t stick to something that was designed to be unsustainable.

You haven’t failed at all.

You’ve just been using a broken set of tools.

It’s time for something new.

It’s time to find balance, peace, joy, and freedom with your food - all the foods

From salads to Ben & Jerry’s.

Whatever your health goals are, they’ll become infinitely easier when you aren’t fighting yourself and your food every step of the way.

  • Do you and food need to heal some health conditions with diet and lifestyle changes? Now you can without the yo-yoing and constant struggle against yourself. This is what I help people with in my practice every day.
  • Do you want to find a healthy, natural weight? Now you can without obsessing over calories, portions, exercise, and deprivation and binge cycles.
  • Do you want to leave the cycle of restriction only to binge later that day behind? Now you can without feeling guilty and ashamed that you aren’t taking care of your health because you’re not on a diet.
  • You and food just want to go hand in hand off into the sunset loving life? It’s all yours!

Let’s stop the addiction to self-harm and degradation and start building the foundation of self-love and FOOD FREEDOM.

    Imagine what a healthy, balanced place with food would look like. Where you can just enjoy food without beating yourself up or triggering another bingeing session or obsessing about food every moment.

    You are totally capable of interacting with food this way.

    That’s exactly why I’ve designed my course:

    It’s a practical guide to transforming those destructive cycles, emotional eating, and constant stressing about food....

    ...into a happy, healthy, and balanced relationship with food so you can love food and nourish yourself on your own terms.

    Finally heal the struggle with cravings, guilt, bingeing, and emotional eating, and free yourself to achieve your goals in all areas of your life.

    "Dr. Liz’s insights helped explain some of my deep patterns of behavior around food and that helped me to feel empowered. Dr. Liz shares a lot of her own personal issues that she’s worked through with food and her honesty and forthrightness encourages you to stay committed to the course.

    By addressing and paying attention to my emotions, I can be in the driver’s seat of my journey with food as well as other parts of my life.

    Learning to make peace with my food allows me to make peace with all aspects of my life.

    - Katrin

    This course is the culmination of everything I've learned, organized in easy-to-digest lessons and straightforward advice that you can apply immediately to your life so you can start feeling the difference right away.

    • Redefine what’s “off limits” for you based on your own unique needs physically and emotionally… including the restrictions that might not actually be good for your own body or mind.
    • Feel better about your food choices and hear what your body and mind are telling you about the food you are craving, struggling to resist, and emotionally eating.
    • Eat food that truly nourishes your unique self physically, mentally, and emotionally, and stop the arbitrary rules being spouted by “wellness culture”.
    • Get rid of feeling like you’re missing out on food and life and finally get a sense of control and balance around all food. Yes, even enjoying those foods you love without fearing you’ll go completely overboard.
    • Chart your own path to better health that fits you, not some idealized perfect vision of “health” that’s not realistic or even accurate for most individuals.

    I'll guide you through each step of resolving all those destructive cycles.

    For the Love of Food is perfect for you if…

    • You’re stuck in a loop of yo-yo dieting that you want to break out of but don’t know how
    • Emotional eating has become a major crutch that you use to help you get through life
    • You’re mindlessly noshing throughout your day or night due to boredom, fatigue, pain, or for a distraction
    • You feel out of control around food and try to restrict yourself, only to binge in rebellion
    • You want to get to the bottom of what’s driving your eating patterns, habits, and routines
    • You feel like you’re addicted to certain foods and want to address your cravings in a healthy and supportive way

    What You'll Get in "For the Love of Food"

    The course comes with big, inspirational ideas, but more importantly it includes loads of practical, grounded knowledge and tips from my own personal experiences and those of my patients.

    You’ll get access to tons of tools to help crack open those emotional cycles of bingeing, restricting, self-blame and misery that have been unconsciously running your life since you and diet culture became acquainted.

    In For the Love of Food you’ll discover:

    • My intuitive and effective 5 step Eat for Love process for reclaiming and redefining a healthy, balanced relationship with food so you can stop the cycle of judgment, blame, guilt, resentment, and more​​​​​​​.
    • How to detox yourself from the “diet mentality” that’s holding you back and listen to what your response to food is telling you about your unique needs.
    • How to understand your cravings, and calm the internal resistance that keeps you repeating the same self-destructive cycle over and over.
    • The self-care that’s absolutely essential to having a healthy, balanced relationship with food even in the crazy, hectic reality of our lives with no time to spare.
    • The core patterns I see that contribute to a pathological relationship with food and emotional eating cycles... and how you can revise them to support yourself instead of having them unconsciously pulling you down over and over again.
    • How your 5 Elements Personality Type affects your food choices, desire to binge or restrict, and your dominant emotions around food so you have new, custom-tailored insights unique to you to make resolving food issues easier.
    • A 4 week Eat for Love plan to help you implement all of your new knowledge around food into your life, achieve that healthy, balanced relationship with food, and identify your own unique food and health needs.


    Want some more nitty-gritty details? You’ve got it!

    Here’s sneak peek of what "For the Love of Food" has to offer:

    { Click on each to expand and learn more! }

    Step 1: Say Goodbye to Your Diet

    Contrary to popular belief, leaving your diet in the dust is one of the BEST things you can do for your mental, emotional, and physical health. Find out why and what you can do to stop feeling like a failure and instead embrace your natural process of growth that will help you create a better relationship with food.


    Lesson 1: 3 Reasons Why Falling off Your Diet Isn’t a Bad Thing

    • Learn why I LOVE it when my patients fall off of their diet, even if it’s one I’ve prescribed
    • Discover how letting go of your diet is one of the BEST THINGS you can do for your personal growth + relationship with food
    • Begin the process of unearthing deep, unconscious patterns the diet industry has ingrained in your mind


    Lesson 2: Moving Beyond the Failure Mindset

    • Reframe the word failure by letting go of the toxic way we apply it around our diet and food
    • Understand why focusing on weight is a dead end and can actually make your health worse rather than better
    • Skillfully navigate the mental trap of punishment and reward cycles that failure mindsets encourage


    Lesson 3: Breaking the Cycle of Restriction, Temptation, and Rebellion

    • Learn why caloric restriction is a complete dead end for weight loss and a healthy relationship with food
    • Use my special 5 step process to get in touch with and work through the deep emotions that are triggered when you restrict yourself
    • Recognize the sneaky way the diet industry has equated food with morality and why it is so harmful to our wellbeing


    Lesson 4: The Anti-Diet Plan: 5 Crucial Ways to Relate to Your Food

    • Bust out of diet culture and start revolutionizing the terms of your relationship with food so you can foster trust, peace, and calm within yourself
    • Discover the key to sustainable weight loss and improving your overall health
    • Develop your ability to roll with the punches and accept the challenging process of relating to food as a friend rather than an enemy
    Step 2: How to Stop Fearing Your Food

    Fear is the largest roadblock you face when trying to better your life. It keeps you stuck in old patterns and prevents you from pursuing what matters most. It’s time to rewrite your relationship with your nutritional needs on your own terms, outside the influence of the toxic diet industry, so you can learn to love and appreciate your food for its critical role in your mental, emotional, and physical health.


    Lesson 1: You are an Individual, NOT a Diet Plan

    • Discover the common psychological pitfalls of diets and learn how to avoid them
    • Realize your worth beyond the limits of your diet so you can stop trying to squeeze yourself into rules that don’t even apply to you
    • Learn my special process for how to assess whether or not a new diet is suited to your individual needs before you even start so you can stop wasting time and energy on things that don’t work


    Lesson 2: Accept Your Need for Nourishment

    • Release your guilt and shame around having needs and empower yourself to fulfill them on your own terms
    • Gain insight into the different levels of nourishment that food provides for you and why they are crucial to your satisfaction, self-acceptance and personal growth
    • Get to the bottom of your habit of overloading your life then feeling frustrated around the time you have to spend on food


    Lesson 3: How to Understand Your Cravings and Trust Your Body

    • Reduce the frequency and intensity of your cravings by exploring their emotional content and learning how to best support yourself so you can grow beyond them
    • Learn 3 ways to listen to what your body is communicating to you around food so you can feel confident and comfortable in your nutritional choices
    • Discover how to choose the right support for yourself so you can let go of your fear


    Lesson 4: Calming Your Internal Resistance Monster

    • Reduce emotional eating by learning how to have a meaningful conversation with your internal resistance
    • Finally understand how to stop sabotaging yourself with my 4 step process to help you listen to and validate your own emotional needs around food
    • Negotiate the ups and downs of your own inner judgment and criticism through my unique process of defining and understanding how you respond to uncomfortable emotions


    Lesson 5: Your 4 Greatest Emotional Assets for Moving Past Fear

    • Release your fear around food by learning how to listen and validate it while not giving into it
    • Navigate the emotional rollercoaster of anxiety around overeating or undereating with one simple mindset shift
    • Discover true security, strength, and purpose with your food choices through acknowledging your emotions
    Step 3: 4 Practical Keys to Loving Your Food and Feeding Yourself

    Your relationship with food isn’t just about food. It’s really about how you feel about yourself. Let’s get to the root of your relationship with yourself and reorganize old patterns and beliefs through practical, grounded advice that will help you rebuild, revitalize, and renew yourself and your attitude toward food.


    Lesson 1: A Roadmap to Making Yourself a Priority

    • Get in touch with your deep personal beliefs and let go of what’s holding you back so you can finally feel comfortable around food
    • Redefine what self-care means (HINT: it’s not all spa days and bubble baths) so you can see how incredibly important it is to healing
    • Learn to re-prioritize your life so it reflects what’s most important to you and supports a clear and calm relationship with food


    Lesson 2: Transform Your Life Through Responsibility + Action

    • Embrace the power of taking responsibility for the state of your relationship with food so you can finally reconcile where you are with where you want to be
    • Uncover the key to self-forgiveness around food
    • Shine a light on common self-sabotage techniques used to avoid responsibility and how you can reframe them into positive action


    Lesson 3: Reclaim Your Time + Make Boundaries Your Best Friend

    • Get insight into practical solutions that help you prioritize yourself and your relationship with food so you can start enjoying your food again
    • Discover why boundaries aren’t a dirty word and why they are crucial to relating to your food in a positive way
    • Learn how to balance self-sacrifice with self-protection around your food and in the wider context of your life


    Lesson 4: Adaptability: How to Sustain Change + Remain Dedicated to Yourself

    • Get guidance on how to stay flexible with new habits and routines so you can roll with the punches of life
    • Learn to maintain your change by developing parts of yourself that have been neglected for years
    • Use new techniques to process your emotions around food so they’ll help you grow instead of derailing you
    Step 4: What Kind of Eater are You?

    Learn how the elements of your personality according to Chinese medicine profoundly influence your relationship with food. With these unique insights specific to you, you’ll have a powerful tool for recognizing unhelpful behavioral patterns and new methods to help you break the cycle and redefine your reactions, actions, and purpose surrounding food.


    Lesson 1: How Your Personality Affects Your Relationship with Food

    • Get an inside look at the method I use to educate my patients around their personality and their tendencies with food
    • Understand why knowing yourself according to Chinese medicine can help you resolve long-standing food issues
    • Stop detrimental emotional cycles before they start when you recognize your pathological emotional patterns around food according to the 5 elements


    Lesson 2: The Wood Element: The Functional Foodie

    • Learn how wood element people typically view and relate to food
    • Discover how wood elements use food as a coping mechanism to help them diffuse their tension
    • Spot issues before anger and frustration surface and learn exactly what you need to give back to yourself in order to be at peace around food


    Lesson 3: The Fire Element: The Casual Enjoyer

    • Learn how fire element people relate to food and what that looks like in their kitchen, meal plans, and more
    • Discover how fire elements use food as a coping mechanism to help them feel grounded
    • Identify issues before anxiety or depression surface and learn exactly what you need to give back to yourself in order to be at peace around food


    Lesson 4: The Earth Element: The Domestic Gourmet

    • Learn how earth element people relate to food and how they use it as a coping mechanism
    • Discover how the earth element impacts every element’s relationship with food
    • Uncover issues before worry and guilt surface and learn exactly what you need to give back to yourself in order to be at peace around food


    Lesson 5: The Metal Element: The Purist Planner

    • Learn how metal element people try to control their food and miss seeing the big picture
    • Discover how metal elements use food as a coping mechanism to reduce stress
    • Recognize issues before perfectionism and judgment take over and learn exactly what you need to give back to yourself in order to be at peace around food


    Lesson 6: The Water Element: The Risk-Taking Regulator

    • Learn how water element people believe they can master food and their body through manipulation and control
    • Discover how water elements use food as a coping mechanism in order to diffuse their discomfort or challenge their limitations
    • Reveal issues before insecurity and fear take over and learn exactly what you need to give back to yourself in order to be at peace around food
    Step 5: You, Food, and the Real World

    You’ve broken free from the diet mentality and you’ve begun the deep personal work required to love your food, now how do you transition from an inside job to real world success? What does it mean to love yourself and your food on a day to day basis and more importantly, what does it look like? It’s time to catalyze all of your work into action.


    Lesson 1: 4 Core Themes for Learning to Love Your Food

    • Learn what it means to truly love your food and how you can take steps to make it happen in your daily life with these key highlights
    • Reinforce your core thoughts and feelings around food and who you are with a manifesto, or declaration of your most important beliefs, so you can take into any situation or area of your life
    • Design a meaningful mission statement, or personal mantra, that represents your relationship with food now and what you’d like it to become


    Lesson 2: Your 4 Week Eat for Love Plan

    • Learn how to eat for pleasure instead of perfection
    • Receive practical, weekly guidance for how to implement all that you’ve learned in your For the Love of Food journey so you can eat for self-care and self love
    • Get started with your For the Love of Food recipe starter pack, my personal collection of delicious, whole food, nutrient-dense recipes

    You’ll get all of this with unrestricted online access for the life of the program so you can return to it at any time, and go at your own pace.

    If you can’t start right away, or need longer than 4 weeks, not a problem!

    You can start any time and go at your own pace, whether that is 4 weeks or 4 months. I just encourage you to not put it off too much!

    Join now and you’ll get all this for only $495 $297... saving you $198!

    That’s only $297 for the entire For the Love of Food program to take at your own pace, and with lifetime access.

    And to make it even more affordable so no one misses out on this opportunity to transform their relationship with food, I’ve also created a special payment plan for you of 3 payments of just $109.

    Join "For the Love of Food" Today


    Get in for just $109 today
    (first of three monthly payments of $109)


    Or save by paying in full:

    Still have questions?

    You’re not alone! Here are some frequently asked questions about For the Love of Food. If you don’t see your question, feel free to email me at

    Q: Will this program help me lose weight?

    Losing weight is incredibly important to many of us -- I understand!

    This program is not anti-weight loss, but it is anti-weight focused. 

    What I’ve found personally and clinically is that putting weight on the back burner and focusing on your relationship with food helps your body find its own healthy weight. We have no idea what a healthy weight for us is until we clear out all of the food rules, restriction, guilt, shame, and other emotions around our food.

    Weight can be a symptom of dysregulation or imbalance in the body. It is not the root cause of a health issue. Intentional weight loss attempts, or diets, are at the core of disordered eating behavior and body shame, which are exactly what I’m trying to help you resolve with this program!

    You may lose weight by improving your relationship with food. Most people do. And you’ll for sure be improving your health by prioritizing your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing over a number on a scale.

    Q: If I'm not on a diet, aren't I neglecting my health?

    There’s a myth that a non-diet approach ignores our health. That in order to have health, we need food rules (aka, a diet) in order to address our physical issues. Lots of doctors and nutritionists and healthcare professionals buy into this idea as well. But the truth is, you can feel better and healthier without focusing on food rules and weight loss. When I finally let go of them, I became healthier than I ever had been and I have seen this transformation in many of my patients as well. Making peace with your food and body will help you feel so much better.

    Food rules cause psychological trauma and negatively impact your health. Someone who has a balanced and peaceful relationship with food is inherently healthier than someone who is constantly yo-yoing on and off diets.

    If you don’t feel like you can trust your body and you don’t feel confident around food, this is the course for you!


    Q: Does For the Love of Food start at a certain time?

    Nope! This is a self-paced course that you can start and stop anytime, so you don’t have to start immediately or follow the 4 week schedule. You’ll get instant access to everything once you sign up. You can dive right in, wait a few weeks, or pause your progress to go on vacation. You’ll have lifetime access to the materials, so no need to worry about timing. But, you know, if you’re feeling really fired up to improve your relationship with food, use that motivation to sink your teeth in get going!

    Q: But I already do love food, does this apply to me if I already love food but loving food too much is exactly my problem?!

    This is a great question! I know you’re not alone in this fear. What I’m really hearing in this question is that by “loving food too much” you believe that you’re eating too much, thinking about food too much and obsessing about it. And we need to get into that! Why do you think you’re eating too much or obsessing about food? That type of question is exactly what For the Love of Food answers, so yes, I definitely think the program can help you.

    Are you struggling because you’re trying to limit your food based on what you’ve learned through the diet industry? Do you believe on a deep level that your food is harming you and getting in the way of you achieving your goals? Do you believe you deserve to struggle with your food and obsess about it? All of this gets unpacked in For the Love of Food.

    If you feel like your relationship with food is out of balance, the only way to help is to dig into those deep emotions and belief patterns. From my perspective, if you’re in a healthy relationship with food, you can’t love it too much. You’re thankful and grateful for its presence in your life and its not running your life. That’s the goal of my program -- to get you to that balanced placed where you’re not worried about too much or too little and you’re able to peacefully coexist with your food.

    Q: When will I get access?

    You’ll get full access to the program as soon as you sign up! 

    Q: Do you offer refunds?

    I offer full refunds within 30 days of your purchase, only one question asked: what could I have done better that would have helped you know this course wasn't for you? Email me at and let me know what I could improve.

    Q: What’s the format of the program?

    The program is delivered to you fully online through video lessons that are viewable on any device -- computer, phone, or tablet. You’ll find all of your bonuses available within the course. There are downloadable and printable worksheets for each video lesson. You’ll also have access to community support in the private For the Love of Food facebook group.

    Q: Is there anything else I have to buy?

    Nope, everything I’ve mentioned in this training, the program and the bonuses, are all a package deal for $247.

    Q: What technology do I need to do this program?

    Just an internet connection to watch the videos and an email address to get access to the program! It’s really simple! You can watch the videos on your phone, tablet, or computer. There is a worksheet for each lesson that you can download if you’d like, or just view it online.

    Q: I’m super busy and am afraid I won’t be able to follow through, will this work for me?

    Absolutely! You don’t have to sprint down this path at full throttle. Take it day by day, bit by bit. You have as much time as you need, and the videos are broken down into short, manageable pieces so you can easily take them one at a time.

    Unraveling years of eating patterns and increasingly disordered eating takes some time for each change to sink in. 

    Whether it takes you 3 weeks or 3 months, you’ll be able to get the results of this program. The important thing is that you’re finding value in the lessons and starting to change your relationship with food for the better in a way that sticks for the long haul.

    My goal is that this is THE LAST skill set you’ll ever need around food… so it will actually save you time in the long run! The skills I teach in this course will last a lifetime and help in all areas of your life. What you’ll learn is about so much more than food. It’s about accepting yourself deeply, developing compassion for your own struggles, understanding why you’ve made food choices the way you have in the past and gaining the confidence to change that dynamic.

    I want you to have everything you need in order to succeed. Unlike diets, I don’t want to create dependency or repeat customers. That’s not my business model here. I want to help you listen to you. Not make you dependent on me. With the help of this course, you will be more self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-directed in how you care for yourself.

    Q: I’m not sure my family will be supportive, what can I do?

    That’s a great question and a tough one to answer. My best advice is to talk to them before you start the program. Tell your partner or significant other what this course is about and what they might expect from you in the coming weeks. Maybe you’ll be available a little less to relax. Maybe you’ll want to cook and experiment with new recipes. Maybe you’ll be a little more emotional and need to talk some things through. Let your kids know you might be trying some new, fun recipes and would like their help or input. Or that you need a little quiet time to help you concentrate and learn new things. Your family wants you to grow into the best version of yourself and you need to let them know how to support you so you can do that. Sometimes when people change it can be disruptive to our loved ones because they don’t understand the process or why you’ve decided to shift what you’re doing or what that means for them. Be as transparent about your needs as you can. If you let them know that you need to do program to be healthier and happier, it helps them see the big picture and why it’s important to you.

    Q: I’m totally addicted to sugar and can’t seem to resist, and it’s affecting my health, will this help?

    Yes. This course deals directly with cravings and gets to the bottom of those seemingly uncontrollable urges we feel to eat, binge, or restrict. There’s always a reason WHY you’re cravings a certain food and it’s time to find that reason and understand it. No more restricting or withholding or trying to use willpower to control your cravings. That only sets you up for wanting it more and more. For the Love of Food is all about going deep into your emotions, understanding the need you’re trying to fill with your food craving, and giving you tools and resources to choose a different, healthier, more sustainable path.

    Q: My family always has this junk food around the house and are not supportive of my food choices, and I just end up giving into bad eating habits even though I really want to make positive healthy changes. I know vilifying these foods isn’t necessarily helpful, but can this still help me make the changes I want to make to live a healthier life despite these foods always being around?

    Diet culture teaches us that in order to be thin and healthy, we have to make up food rules. Certain things are totally off-limits and if you touch them, you’ve failed. For the Love of Food takes a very different approach. Part of walking away from diet culture is leaving your food rules behind. They haven’t worked for you so far and they leave you feeling stressed, guilty, and isolated. In my program you learn how to stop bargaining with yourself around food and finally embrace it as a nourishing and supportive partner. By the end of the course, you’ll have a totally different attitude toward the foods you struggle to avoid. You’ll be able to walk into your kitchen or pantry without feeling an overwhelming need to avoid, restrict, or binge on certain foods. You’ll be much more clear and calm about your food choices.

    Q: I have an active eating or body image disorder. Is this course ok for me to take?

    This course is designed to help people with a history of chronic dieting and disordered eating learn to make peace with food and their bodies. It’s not meant for those with active eating disorders or who are in the early stages of recovery because our physiological signals, like hunger and fullness, aren’t yet normalized. This course may also be triggering as we dive into subjects like restriction and emotional eating. Please wait to purchase this course until you’re several months into recovery and are working with your healthcare team closely. Ask them if they feel this course is appropriate for you. If so, you’re welcome to take it and start unraveling more of the mental and emotional pieces of your eating disorder.

    Q: I’ve never been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got a disordered eating pattern. Can I take the course?

    Disordered eating is a spectrum and many people have it to some degree. This course is designed to help those with disordered eating patterns like yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, restriction, and bingeing without significant medical complications or high risk behaviors of gastroparesis, purging, or medication abuse. At its root, this course is about self-acceptance, self-care, and respecting food for its greatest gift of nourishing us. These are skills and ideas that everyone can benefit from. My goal is to help you start transforming yourself into someone who loves food instead of who is at war with it.

    Q: What if I want my best friend/sister/mom/etc. to take the course as well?

    Awesome! Going through the program with a buddy is a perfect way to increase your ability to integrate these new ideas and thought processes into your life. Please be respectful of the time, energy, thought, and love I’ve poured into this course and don’t share your user name and password. I have a super special friends and family discount that’s headed your way after you sign up. Pass on the savings to your loved one(s) and enjoy the course together! Just be sure to sign up early so you have time to give them the friends and family discount! If you wait until the last minute, there won’t be time to share the special code with them.

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