Your Personal Guide to THRIVE

Woohoo! Your Results Are In!

Your Food Stress Index is:


Hooray! If you and food had a relationship status, you’d be in a long-term, committed partnership enjoying most every minute of it!


In general you love eating, cooking, shopping, and all things food in a healthy way.

You’ve also got some pretty healthy emotional patterns around food and feel comforted, nourished, and relaxed with your eating habits.

Just like in any good relationship, there will be quibbles and arguments and the hope is that they spur self-reflection and encourage growth so the relationship gets better and better with time.

Most of our disagreements or stresses stem from things buried deeply in our unconscious that we need aired out and brought to the surface of our minds.

Only then can we make positive moves forward and heal on an even more profound level.

Between you and food, it starts with diving into the uncomfortable emotions you occasionally have around food like fear, anxiety, and guilt. These can interfere with your health or weight goals, intensify those nagging expectations of what you should and shouldn’t eat, and increase the pressure to be perfect with your diet.

Understanding why they’re there, and empowering yourself to shift that dynamic with practical, grounded advice is the first step in the right direction to resolve these inner struggles!

Let’s take that wonderful partnership you have to the next level!

Stop Fighting Food... and Your Own Emotional Food Responses.

Make peace with food... ALL FOOD, along with all the judgements, stress, confusion, and guilt... so you can finally make those healthy changes with ease.

It’s time to stop fighting food like it’s a battlefield of good vs. evil and learn to embrace it for what it is:

A powerful and amazing healing tool that we can’t ever ignore.

(even though we try really hard sometimes)

Guilty pleasures and all.

This journey starts with diving into the 5 Emotional Food Responses that commonly get in the way of a healthy relationship with food.

And which, when ignored, tend to trip us up in our health and weight goals.

... Sabotaging our efforts no matter how much calorie counting and food journaling we try to do.

Let’s take the first step together toward a better, more balanced you.


Join the FREE 7 Day Food Stress Detox Challenge!

Join us by taking just 7 days to shine a light on your own Emotional Food Responses.

Discover how to detox these uncomfortable (but crazy important) balls of stress and struggle for greater ease in your health and weight goals.

Take a break from fighting yourself, and learn to nourish these emotional responses to food that are instead of continuing to let them drain your energy, motivation, and self-worth.

Learn More and Take the FREE 7 Day Challenge!

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