Would you like to improve your health and understand yourself better with 5 elements of Chinese medicine?

Get 25 minutes of 1-on-1 time with Dr. Liz to go in-depth into any health or life issue and learn how the 5 elements of Chinese medicine can help.

The 5 elements of Chinese medicine are a complex, interconnected system of medicine that have been around for over 2000 years.

Understanding how the 5 elements impact your life can be a gamechanger for every aspect of your health.

Instead of separating mind, body, and spirit, Chinese medicine views your health holistically.

It organizes everything through the 5 elements including your mood, personality, energy, and more.

When you address your health holistically through the 5 elements you can:

  • Finally make progress with your energy, sleep, emotional regulation, deep behavioral patterns that are unconsciously running your life, and more
  • Learn how to process your emotions which can lead to physical healing
  • Learn how to read your body’s messages so you can improve your overall wellbeing
  • Get insight into deep patterns that run through your personality and affect your relationships, your work, and more

Working with Dr. Liz and learning about my elements was so helpful. It surprised me intensely to hear observations about myself that were so accurate and unexpected. It sort of jolted me out of a long postpartum/parenting fog and helped me see how I needed to better care for myself.

—Christine W.

The 5 elements offer unique insight into your health, emotions, and even personality.

Here are some examples of how each element impacts us:

Liver and Gallbladder

Emotional issues: Anger, frustration, decision making, patience

Physical issues: Eye problems, headaches, tendon issues, menstrual irregularities, and liver-related disorders

Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, San Jiao

Emotional issues: Anxiety, restlessness, focus, and emotional regulation

Physical issues: Heart problems, insomnia, hypertension, circulation issues, and speech problems.

Spleen and Stomach

Emotional issues: Worry, overthinking, sense of self, and obsessiveness

Physical issues: Digestive disorders, eating disorders, muscle fatigue, and diabetes

Lung and Large Intestine

Emotional issues: Grief, sadness, self-worth, and detachment

Physical issues: Respiratory problems, skin conditions, constipation, and immune system disorders

Kidney and Bladder

Emotional issues: Fear, willpower, risk assessment, and ambition

Physical issues: Kidney problems, urinary issues, fertility issues, bone problems, and hearing issues

These connections aren’t always obvious or easy to piece together.

I’m happy to help you find a way through all the information and focus on what’s meaningful to you.

Decrease your frustration, save time, and accelerate your healing and self-understanding by getting guidance from a professional.

Sign up for a 25 minute coaching session with Dr. Liz to address your health and personality from a 5 element perspective

5 element 1-on-1 coaching can help you:

Get insight into your health concerns from the holistic perspective of Chinese medicine rather than parsing out your body systems into separate visits with western medical specialists

Better understand how the seasons affect your mood, energy, and body and learn what you could do to support yourself as you move through them

Get clarity around your personal elements and what they mean for your relationships, career, general health, and more

Break stubborn behavioral and mood patterns that seem to persist no matter what you try

Understand what you can do to live your best life by caring for your mind, body, and spirit in an integrated way

You’ll walk away with:

Clarity around your health concerns and what you can do to support them from a Chinese medicine perspective

More empathy for yourself and others as we all try to walk our path and deal with the inherited struggles we face

A better understanding of why you get stuck or keep repeating the same unhelpful patterns in life

More confidence in who you are and what you need in your relationships, challenging situations, and more through the 5 elements of Chinese medicine

Learning about my elements has been a helpful tool in my journey towards radical self-acceptance and wellness. It has helped me understand aspects of my personality and feel seen in that. I love that the 5 elements are connected to nature and the seasons, it makes them much easier to understand, digest, and relate to. The elements have also taught me what foods are helpful in supporting my body if it is feeling bogged down or out of alignment. All in all, the elements provide a holistic insight into the mind, body and spirit.

—Marissa R.

Hi, I’m Dr. Liz

I’m a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist who has been practicing since 2011. I love teaching people about their bodies, emotions, and personalities through the 5 elements of Chinese medicine.

My elements are metal primary and earth secondary. I’m also an INFJ, emphasis on the I for introvert, and a Capricorn (sun) who often acts like a Libra (rising and moon).

Get concrete, personalized advice that will help you confidently take the next steps in your health.

This is a self driven session with Dr. Liz meaning you’ll show up with questions and she’ll answer to her best ability. Please come prepared with what you’d like to discuss.

Topics we may explore together:

  • How your health issues can be understood with 5 elements of Chinese medicine
  • Why you may have challenges in other areas beyond health, such as relationships and career based on the 5 elements
  • What to eat according to your personality and element balance in Chinese medicine
  • Why you might struggle with your mood and energy at certain times of the day or year

Please note this session is for educational purposes only. It’s not a medical consultation and Dr. Liz can’t provide treatments for specific conditions. She can provide you with tools or resources to learn more about the 5 elements and Chinese medicine and how they impact your health.

Apply here to see if we’re a good fit!

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*You’ll be able to see if you qualify for a reduced rate when you fill out the application.

Learning more about my elements helped me deal better with people who are different from me. Instead of assuming everyone is like me, I can now recognize characteristics or patterns in others that are due to their elements. This has really helped me to get a better understanding of where they’re coming from so I can set better boundaries and meet them with compassion rather than become frustrated or walk away hurt.

—Keriann Swope

Get a taste of the secret 2000 year old roadmap to your inner self and see how it can improve your health, relationships, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Dr. Liz help me with a health concern?

She can give you general suggestions for educational purposes about your health and Chinese medicine. Please consult with your doctor or other providers to see if the advice is right for you.

What do I need to do to qualify for a lower rate?
You’ll be asked to fill out a short application. Priority is given to those who are low income/going through a period of financial hardship, teachers/educators, students, and nonprofit employees. You can still apply if you don’t fit those categories.
What will we talk about?
This is a self-directed session meaning you bring the questions and Dr. Liz will answer to the best of her ability. If you’re not sure what you want to know or what to ask, this session might not be the best fit for you.

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