"To make progress toward our goals, our dreams, our deepest desires, we have to start listening to ourselves."

Hi, I’m Dr. Liz Carter. Nice to meet you!


I graduated from Bastyr University with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and a master’s of science in acupuncture.

During my time at Bastyr, I discovered a deep appreciation for the body’s own inner wisdom and ability to heal itself.

This core concept has guided the development of my natural health practice, New Leaf Natural Medicine, and my teaching and writing style.

The body is always right. It’s constantly telling us what it needs. And it’s my passion to help you understand what it’s saying.

To make progress toward our goals, our dreams, our deepest desires, we have to start listening to ourselves.

Think of me as a translator — as the middle ground. I’m here to help you understand the language of your body, mind, and spirit so you can finally move forward through hurdles and roadblocks of misunderstanding and confusion and start healing at a deep level.

With this new knowledge of yourself and trust for your body, progress becomes a simple, fluid process, rather than a never-ending trudge to an unknown destination.

Most of us, including myself, weren’t raised to pay attention to our bodies or to see them as valuable, helpful guides through life, Many of us have had experiences that lock us in a cycle of trauma for years and disconnect us from our wise guides.

I’m here to help you break that cycle. To find your core again. To find your roots. To remove those roadblocks that have been keeping you from your best self for years. To transition from surviving to thriving.

I would be honored to be your personal guide to thrive, if you’ll have me.

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My Content


My goal is to provide you with vitally useful and practical knowledge about your body, mind, and spirit that helps you to heal and grow. Self-development and personal growth are some of the highest callings we can have as human beings, and they are worth every ounce of energy we can devote to them.

My blog is centered around 4 main categories to help you thrive: nourish, detoxify, grow, and achieve.

These categories address the 4 vital components you need to thrive:

  • 5 Elements — gain insight into your deepest motivators, struggles, and strengths through the perspective of 5,000 year old Chinese medicine
  • Goals & Inspiration — embark on crucial self-exploration and discover your needs and desires so you can challenge yourself to pursue your highest purpose
  • Naturopathic Medicine — learn health and lifestyle tips and tricks from this powerful but gentle system of medicine, ranging from herbs, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, environmental medicine, and more!
  • Nutrition & Cooking — rebuild and nurture yourself through phenomenal, healthy foods and inspiring ways to prepare them.

I typically post about twice a month on the blog, occasionally more. I also send a weekly newsletter, highlighting some helpful health tips and the blog post. To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.

I love teaching and am constantly designing new courses and education materials to help you on your path to better health.

If you have any requests for courses or blog posts or anything else you can dream up, please send me a message. I read every email I receive and take all requests to heart!

This content is about you, for you, and your feedback is always invaluable.

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I My Story


I was born and raised in Bettendorf, Iowa, on the Mississippi river and have fond memories of rolling thunderstorms and wide open fields of green corn stalks and roaming cows. I actually really, really love cows.

I played softball growing up, and on one trip to practice my dad and I passed cows out munching in the mud. He said, “Cows — outstanding in their field,” and waited for me to get the joke. Well, it took a few embarrassing miles, but I eventually put together the eye-roll worthy pun. Of course, I now repeat this small joke shamelessly whenever my husband and I pass a herd of cows.

After 18 years in Iowa, I moved further south along the Mississippi to St. Louis, MO, to complete my bachelor’s degree in psychology, pre-medical studies, and women’s studies at Washington University in St. Louis.

I had decided to attend conventional medical school, and the college encouraged students to shadow doctors before committing. So I followed a few MDs around for a semester to see if this was truly my path.

It wasn’t.

The docs were overworked, stressed, tired, and fed up with insurance companies. A few admitted they didn’t particularly care (or have time to) if a patient got better.

I shadowed physicians in an emergency room where many of them looked half asleep, brought greasy takeout for dinner, and took smoke breaks. The largest hospital in St. Louis, with one of the most advanced pediatrics units in the country, housed a McDonald’s within its main building. I was befuddled.

One doctor I shadowed did care. He cared enough to spend an entire 30 minutes with an elderly woman and her very concerned daughter about how to properly take her diabetes and hypertension medications. He was patient, kind, reassuring, and answered every question. This was the medicine I was looking for.

When we left the room and I returned to my post at the nurse’s station, they complained about how much time this doctor had spent with the patient and her daughter and hustled them out of the room as quickly as possible. Again, I was befuddled.

This was my breaking point.

I decided not to apply to medical school and did a tremendous amount of soul searching that year. Eventually, I stumbled upon a book of alternative medicine careers that explained acupuncture and naturopathic medicine. Their philosophies resonated with me and filled in the void I had seen and experienced in modern Western medicine. I applied to Bastyr University and moved to Seattle.

While at Bastyr, I found my medicine. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with some amazing doctors who truly know how to listen, hold space for their patients, and allow healing to occur. It’s a messy, difficult, non-linear process that takes skill and time to navigate. This is naturopathic medicine’s strong suit.

I supplemented my acupuncture education by studying 5 element acupuncture with a fantastic mentor. When I began incorporating 5 element work into my time with patients, I noticed profoundly deeper healing results.

It is my passion to excite people about 5 element theory and roots naturopathic medicine so they can apply these time honored principles to their daily lives and improve their self-knowledge, communication, relationships, and better achieve their goals.

I still live in Seattle, with two funny cats and my husband who puts up with my terrible cow jokes.


About Me

Hi. I’m Dr. Liz Carter.

I’m here to help you go from just surviving to fully thriving.

Achieve what you want out of life through better health and a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


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