Feel more confident addressing emotional and spirit-based concerns in your acupuncture practice

Learn how 5 element acupuncture can make you a more effective acupuncturist with my free 5 day email series

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Our modern western medical system and even TCM don’t have great resources or support for emotional and spirit-based concerns.

The result is that many issues are left unaddressed and health declines until a significant condition develops.

As practitioners, we want to support our patients in all areas of their health and prevent the progression of disease.

5 element acupuncture can help you navigate and treat those tough emotional issues that can leave you stumped and your patient stagnating in their healing.

Most acupuncturists know a little about the 5 elements from their training in school.

But unless you specifically attended a 5 element or classical Chinese medicine program, you’re probably missing out on what 5E can really offer.

So if you feel like you’re lacking the tools to support patients who have…






feeling stagnant or lacking meaning in life


apathy and resignation


obsession or addictive tendencies


deep emotional or identity issues


seasonal mood disorders

… you’re not alone. I felt that way too until I added 5 element acupuncture to my skill set.

I was so excited to be able to offer treatments that were specifically designed to address these deep issues.

My patients got better more quickly, were generally happier and more satisfied with their care, and I felt more fulfilled and satisfied as a practitioner.

5 element acupuncture can be a gamechanger in your practice.

It operates on the principle that illness is created by emotional imbalances and when we address that root, health in general improves.

5E can help your patients thrive by:


decreasing swings of strong and unstable emotions


feeling more confident within themselves and their identity


moving the needle on chronic, stubborn physical issues that haven’t resolved with other treatment


bringing joy and meaning back into their life


reconnecting them with nature and their spirit


clearing old, unhelpful behavioral patterns that have been holding them back

So if you want to feel more confident addressing emotional and spirit-based concerns join my free 5 day email series:

How 5 element acupuncture can make you a more effective acupuncturist

Learn from my 10+ years of clinical insight using 5E in my practice.

By the end of the series you’ll have a clear understanding of exactly how 5 element acupuncture can support and even resolve those tough cases in your practice.

Hi, I’m Dr. Liz Carter

I'm a licensed naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist practicing in the Seattle area since 2011.

I've been using 5 element acupuncture in my practice for over 10 years and I've been teaching others about this deep and beautiful medicine for more than 5 years.

Learning 5 element acupuncture brought the joy back into my practice because it offered me the opportunity to work at the root cause level with my patients and support them through the mental, emotional, and spirit-based challenges of modern life.

I love offering comprehensive, compassionate care that addresses all aspects of my patients' being.

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