Reveal Your Personal "5 Elements" Blueprint:
Stop Fighting Who You Truly Are... and THRIVE in Your Life, Career, and Relationships like Never Before

Reveal a clear picture of the whole you.... your strengths, roadblocks, motivation superpowers, and innate needs for balance and fulfillment. Each outlined in vivid detail with the traditional wisdom and insight of Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements.

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From that stressful relationship wreaking havoc... the job or obligation that is weighing you down... that ultimate question:

"What is the right path for me to create a meaningful and fulfilling life?"

The 5 elements are your guide.

Because you know who you are at your core now. You understand

  • what motivates you and what depletes you
  • what belongs in your life and what needs to go
  • when you're getting off kilter and how to nurture yourself back into balance
  • how to stay true to yourself and your foundational values and dreams

... among so many other characteristics that make up YOU.

No more second-guessing or taking the wrong path.

"It surprised me intensely to hear observations about myself that were so accurate and unexpected. It sort of jolted me out of a long postpartum/parenting fog and helped me see how I needed to better care for myself.”
- 5 Elements Participant

Burst Out of Your Stuck Places... Identify Your Personal Strengths and Overcome Your Roadblocks

  • Know exactly what pitfalls to avoid for your unique personality
  • Find out why you're constantly hitting a wall when you feel like you've been doing eveything right
  • Understand why certain siuations leave you feeling lethargic, overwhelmed, and just plain unmotivated!
  • And gain insight into your emotional ups and down that leave you frustrated, unbalanced, and unsure of yourself

Your primary and secondary elements reveal all of this for you without guessing, stumbling around, and searching the internet trying to piece together the whole picture.

Eliminate the Toxic from Your Life

Every element has its own needs. Knowing yours means you can get clear about which unhealthy relationships, activities, situations, and expectations to remove from your life and the reason to finally do it.

This can mean:

  • Toxic people and situations that suck the energy out of your day, or worse your life
  • The weaknesses you keep trying to "fix", making you feel like a failure or just embarassed to be yourself
  • Qualities and behaviors you keep trying to force that leave you exhausted, out of whack, or feeling inauthentic
I liked the 5 Elements Personality Test because it is full of thought-provoking questions.

It was helpful just to check in with myself when most of the time I would just as soon not! You know hiding from your true nature is just soooo much easier.  

I was surprised at the results.

It is kind of like a good friend telling you that you are good at something, and you say, "I am?"  

But there it was in digital black and white (and a few other colors thrown in there because Dr. Liz is snazzy!) 

Lisa S.

Embrace Healing as You Ease into Balance

Sometimes the most crucial thing we need is permission to be who we are and prioritize our own self-care.

When you're out of balance you feel it. It can come out in disruptive or painful ways. But we solider on, because we don't understand how detrimental it is to continue to try to be who we think we should be and not who we are. It's soul-sucking.

Knowing your element means healing and freeing yourself...

  • Freeing yourself from uncertainty and anxiousness
  • Freeing yourself from the guilt of being who you are instead of who you "should" be
  • Freeing yourself from not feeling worthy of self-care or healing

You're free to embrace exactly who you are as a whole, knowing what you uniquely need to feel safe, empowered, and balanced.

And as a result:

To heal.

If you don't know me already, I'm Dr. Liz Carter.

I work with the 5 elements every day to help my patients with their physical, mental, and emotional health.

What first drew me to the 5 elements was seeing (and being blown away by) their relevance in my own life.

The 5 elements were a gift in so many ways, but the most liberating was understanding that I could stop trying to change myself in negative and hurtful ways.

Yes, I'm not good at some stuff, but who cares? The flip side is so awesome!

I realized that I'm a thoughtful, caring person who doesn't want to put her crap on other people, even at the expense of herself.

And now I can clearly see when I'm healthfully reacting versus pathologically reacting to something that makes me uncomfortable.

I learned that I needed space (a lot of space) to process my feelings and come up with a solution that didn't immediately entail self-sacrifice or denial.

Once I understood, I could decide the best path for me to deal with conflict, among other things.

I could establish ways of addressing these needs in a way that's better for everyone. Not trying to fit myself into a mold of who I should be, or how I should act. Ways that were clashing with my own inner nature.

That is the power of the 5 elements.

Natural clarity.

Authentic choice.

Knowing how to stay true to yourself, and stay grounded and balanced.

It gives you the ability to achieve your highest purpose with more ease and insight.


Stop Guessing and See the Whole You with Clarity in 20 Minutes using the 5 Elements Personality Test

You can suddenly see the common thread that unraveled things in your past relationships, or why you’re having a difficult time getting along with a co-worker…

…Or getting to the gym.

…Or why some goals or milestones stay with you for years, instead of fading into the background like most things.

Use this practical, easy tool to unlock knowledge about your unique nature that will finally fill in those missing gaps.

The results of this personality test resonated more deeply with me than others I have taken.

Maybe it is also that I could relate to the idea of an element; I know what fire feels like. An Enneagram number or Myers Briggs personality type is less tangible.

I now find myself adding the lens of elements to my process of exploring my inner world, my relationships and my patients. Very Cool!

Aimee H.


Uncover Your Complete, Personalized 5 Elements Profile, with Practical Action Steps

Discover Your Primary and Secondary Element

Reveal all of your wonderful personality dimensions by clearly identifying both of your most prominent elements.

Find Your Key Self-Care Needs for Balance

Understand exactly what you need to become balanced, and how to know when they're getting dangerously out of whack!

Explore Your Elemental Archetype

Learn how your two elements interact and the unique dynamics created by your special element combination.

Identify How You can Best Relate to Others

And what to watch out for in your relationships that can lead to problems.

Reveal What You Need to Thrive

Learn the specific needs of your elements so you can regain balance and bloom into your true capabilities.

Uncover Your Natural Core Values and traits

Gain insight into your most core life values that your elements need to help you thrive and achieve balance.

Avoid Your personal Roadblocks and Pitfalls

Find out the biggest issue that's holding you back in your life and how to overcome it.

4 Videos to Guide You Through Every Part of Your Profile

Easy to follow videos complement the in-depth written profiles to quickly and easily explain how to apply the 5 elements to your life.

Each of your elements also come with a full cheatsheet PDF

You can download and print out your element cheatsheets for easy reference, or view it on your favorite device. 

Plus, receive an exclusive

  • Gives you a crystal clear tool that you can use in seconds to self-assess your current dominant element (it's not always the same one!)
  • Helps you understand why your elements pop into focus in your personality at different times
  • Provides insight into how to identity which element is stressed and how your behavior, moods, and emotions can shift because of it

Why We Can't Figure it out Ourselves

Because we all have EVERY element within us and it clouds our vision.

“Wait, hold up. EVERY ELEMENT?”


That’s why an objective measure like a test can be so incredibly helpful – to determine which ones really drive us and which are just distracting us.

We can see pieces of our personalities in the descriptions of each element.

This is what makes reading and researching on your own about the 5 elements SO DIFFICULT.

And why we need an objective test to cut through the clutter.

For the first time, you will feel lighter, clearer, and things will finally start to “click.”

You'll be able to stop worrying and stressing out about doing the WRONG things for yourself. You can stop feeling guilty you aren't living up to your own expectations or the expectations of others. You can stop feeling like a failure for stumbling in situations where others succeed.

You'll start embracing what’s RIGHT for you.

NO MORE wondering if your next life decision is the right one for you

NO MORE head games, trying to fit yourself into who you think you should be instead of who you truly are

NO MORE explaining to friends and family when you aren't motivated enough to follow through, or have set yourself up to fail instead of succeed

NO MORE beating yourself up for not living up to someone else's ideal instead unique strengths and beautiful qualities already inside you

I've poured TONS of hours into the test's development: researching, writing, revising, having lovely friends and patients take the test, and gathering feedback.

All to provide you with the best experience possible.

And I've loved every minute (well, most minutes) because I'm so passionate about helping people discover themselves through this system.

I've found it to be immensely meaningful in my own life, and I sincerely want it to be just as meaningful in yours.


Excited to find out your elements?

Get Instant Access for $45 $30:

You'll be able to:

  • Reveal your results now or do it later when you're ready
  • Repeat the 5 Elements Personality Test as often as you need, and get all future updates
  • See your results, advice, videos, and full primary and secondary element descriptions at any time in your private account area

Let's go!

Still have questions?

Here are a few things others have asked before saying

“I’m in!” to the 5 Elements Personality Test

1. I like what you're saying, but I'm just so busy and stressed... is it right for me?

Absolutely. I say this from my own personal and professional experience, the more someone says they're too busy for something, the more they need it (unless they're trying to politely bow out of a situation, haha. That's a different story).

I'll give you an example from my real life. This concept of perhaps *not* glorifying being overly busy finally hit home for me when I was in medical school.

As a student at a naturopathic school, you're taught by multiple professors to encourage patients who are too busy to take on less and create white space in their lives.

Now, you'd think with this sage wisdom just served right up to me, it might occur to me that this would be a smart and helpful thing to practice in my own life.


Every quarter I would get super stressed out with finals and I'd let all of my self-care routines fall to the wayside.

I was just too busy to take the time to write for 20 minutes a day, exercise, or go see my naturopath or acupuncturist.

I would lock myself in, study, take the tests, then collapse and usually get sick after the incredibly stressful week was over.

Then I'd slowly pick up the pieces and get my life back together over the next few weeks (or sometimes months).

After a particularly intense finals process (I was getting two degrees at the same time), I decided enough was enough.

It also happened to be after I'd learned a significant amount about my elements from my acupuncturist and mentor, and I recognized my tendency to hold on to situations and how I think things should be for myself way beyond them being beneficial to me.

I asked myself what kind of practitioner would I be if I never learned my limits and how to cope with stress.

So I took the plunge and made myself uncomfortable, and broke with my detrimental finals routine.

And you know what?

I didn't fail my exams. I did about the same, actually. And by giving up trying to control something that was out of my reach, I regained control in my own life. I wasn't left totally depleted, sick, and picking up the pieces of my routine for weeks.

I listened to advice someone had given me about my element, applied it, and there I was! A new skill was being forged that would keep me happier and healthier through the rest of school, board exams, and starting a business.

I'm not saying this test will create more time and space in your life or decrease your stress.

But, in 20 minutes, it can help you to understand how you respond to stress and how to reprioritize your life so that it works better for you.

Your elements are powerful agents of change when applied to your behaviors.


2. I know my Myers-Briggs (or Enneagram, or The Big 5, or others) personality.... It's cool and all but not really changing my life. Is this just the same kind of thing?

The 5 Elements Personality Test is distinct because it’s easier to understand and apply immediately to your life for several reasons.

#1 It's not abstract

The other big personality tests out there (Myers-Briggs, The Big 5, the Enneagram) are quite abstract. EFSP, INTJ -- what does that actually mean in the real world?

I’ve seen people talk about being a “blue” personality or a “green” personality, but again, what does that mean??

Even the Enneagram focuses on archetypes, which if we don’t have a clear example of our particular archetype in our life, it’s quite difficult to pin down what your results actually translate to in the real world.

The 5 Element Personality Test gives you the whole picture. Your overall, cohesive personality (and often belief system), rather than a jumble of traits that you're left to piece together into something meaningful.

All of the other tests are valid and useful tools to encourage self-understanding, which is a fabulous, though difficult process. I’ve personally and professionally found the most meaning from the 5 elements theory of Chinese medicine, which is why I created this test.

#2 The 5 elements, unlike the other personality systems, is easy to see in the real world

We all have a concrete understanding of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. They're things we’ve been interacting with since the day we were born and throughout all of human history. It’s not a big leap to apply these ever-present forces in our natural world to our own personalities.

For example, we can see that wood is firmly rooted in the ground while fire flits about and is hard to pin down.

That’s the tip of the iceberg, and the beauty of the system. You can always look to nature to discover more about yourself. It’s always there to be a reflection of your strengths and weaknesses.

#3 One of the greatest challenges in learning new information is exposure 

We need a repetition of ideas for the concept to sink in and root into our consciousness.

Many times we read the results of a personality test and never look at them again.

But once you understand what your elements are, you won’t be able to turn off that feed of information. It’s all around you in the natural world, all the time, not in a book or a website you have to sit down and read.

But it’s so amazing to walk outside, observe your element, and have a visceral understanding of who you are through it.

Of course, the interpretation of the elements within you takes time and some study, but the basic building blocks are there waiting for you whenever you look out a window.

It’s easier to hang on to what you’ve learned because you see it every day. Then applying it to your life becomes a snap.


3.) Knowing myself better is awesome. But, how will I know how to apply it for real results?

Great question.

A major goal of mine in creating your results page was to provide you with practical advice that you could take action on immediately.

I didn't want this to be another personality test that just summarizes your positives and negative traits without actually helping you to start making changes in your life.

Each video and written section include traits, motivators, and pitfalls, but always end with a solid, down-to-earth advice for you to create more balance and harmony within yourself.

Because what good does a list of traits do for you without any guidance on how to apply them? This has been my personal struggle with other personality tests, so I made this one different!

An easy system to understand and comprehensive and actionable results await you!


4.) What exactly is included with my results once my primary and secondary elements are revealed to me?

And let’s talk about your results package.

This isn’t a simple and quick results page that I just threw together for you.

I have made a massive effort to integrate TONS of information from a 5 element perspective that you wouldn’t expect from a simple personality test.

Each personality test (Myers-Briggs, The Big Five, the Enneagram) has an entire catalog of knowledge behind it that can be further explored to give you a deeper and better understanding of who you are through that particular system.

Instead of staying superficial, I pulled the most important aspects of the 5 element system into your results.

There are plenty of little ideas about who you are, but I also delved into much deeper aspects of your personality. Core principles that if embraced, can clarify who you are and that have the potential to revolutionize how you walk through the world.

I like to fully explain things and perhaps I’m a little too detailed sometimes, haha.

But that’s what I value — details put together in a coherent and logical way so they come together to form a large, complete, and easy to interpret picture.

So that’s how I designed your results.

Not just a couple sentences that sum up who you are and doesn't really help you at all.

I'm all about "actionable" and "practical"!

I’ve included 5 videos as well as lots of written goodies for you that cover:

Your primary AND secondary elements with thoughtful input and deep insights into:

  • Your personality
  • Your belief system
  • Your relationships with others
  • What you need to thrive
  • What you value most
  • What gets you motivated
  • Your unique talent among all of the elements
  • Roadblocks and pitfalls common for your element

Your elemental archetype, which offers in-depth advice and down-to-earth guidance on how your elements work together so you can:

  • Gain a solid understanding of who you are through the lens of the 5 elements
  • Develop meaningful self-awareness around positive and negative traits of BOTH your elements
  • Resolve struggles you’ve witnessed with yourself when your elements are out of balance
  • Clarify how best to interact with the world to get the most out of your time and energy

Plus snazzy (a little bit of snazz is great, isn't it?) enhancements to your profile such as:

  • Examples of famous characters and people who embody your elements so you can get an immediate, real world understanding of your personality type
  • A special BONUS VIDEO with one quick and easy trick to instantly identify the element that’s driving your behavior the most right now so you can better adapt to your surroundings, interactions with people, and set realistic and ultimately more valuable expectations for yourself
  • Practical and effective tips on how to balance your elements so you can start improving your relationships, attitude toward yourself, and outlook on life

I hope I’ve demonstrated WHY the 5 Elements Personality Test is so valuable. I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (ok, less on the blood, more on the sweat and tears) into it because it’s been an incredible system for myself and my patients to understand ourselves through, and I wanted to offer the same opportunity to you.


5.) It sounds amazing... so why so affordable? I know - why am I complaining? But I'm curious.

My mission is to help you realize your highest purpose.

Quite frankly, it’s such a game-changer to know who you are at your core that I want as many people as possible to take this first step into using the 5 elements to transform their life, relationships, and achievements.

Achievements that could help change the world for the better. So I want give this away as affordably as possible for now.

Ultimately, this will indeed be going up (as you'll probably guess once you experience it for yourself). Other types of professional personality tests are upwards of $50 or more to take, and this one will be going up as well.

But as a loyal reader, I want to get you in for what I consider to be the most critical part of the 5 elements - knowing your primary and secondary elements and what they say about you.

And as I continue improving it, you'll get all the updates by being one of the early-joiners of the 5 Elements Personality Test.


6.) I think I may know my element. Should I still take the test?

It’s great if you already know your element!

I would still recommend taking the test, and let me tell you why!

It’s a fabulous way to confirm, for sure, what you already know.

If a healthcare practitioner has made the assessment for you, check in by taking the test and see if you feel like it’s accurate.

Your results offer a comprehensive and easy to interpret look into the 5 elements. They are organized and structured; something you may not have gotten from your healthcare professional!

Or, if you’ve taken another 5 element quiz or test, see if your results are consistent! And, of course, get information on your secondary element, or back up element, that those other tests don’t include.

And finally, the elements are interpreted slightly differently by different people. If you plan to read my free blog posts on the elements or maybe even take my class, it’s great to have an accurate idea of where you stand in my version of the 5 element line up.


7.) Why is your 5 Elements Personality Test so effective compared to others I may have tried?

There’s a couple reasons I’d like to highlight.

First, my 5 Elements Personality Test is the *only* 5 elements test on the market that gives you valuable insight into your TWO dominant elements.

That’s right. You’ve got two elements that share the stage in your personality most of the time.

These are also known as your primary, or the most dominant, and secondary, or your back up, element.

If you’ve ever taken a 5 element test before and felt like the results only partially described you, this might be why.

Taking both elements into account gives you a much larger and clearer picture of who you are.

It’s much more complex on my end to include both elements, but I knew the results would be exponentially more valuable if I did.

This inspiration came from my own real world experience working with the elements in myself and my patients.

Usually one of the two elements is easy to spot. But then under stress or major life changes, it can feel as though the our core has shifted into a totally different place.

Really, we’ve switched between our primary and secondary elements and now the other one is in charge.

It’s incredibly helpful to know both elements so you understand the full range of your personality tendencies, motivations, and core beliefs.

That being said, the secondary element can be harder to pin down because it’s more subtle. But no worries. You’ve got lifetime access to the test and can take it as many times as you want.

It’s interesting to do the test when you’re in different states of mind or stress levels and see what shifts for you.

Second, to use an old metaphor, I’d say the 5 Elements Personality Test is like the Cadillac of personality tests. It’s the luxury model. The 4 week vacation to Fiji. For me, it’d be a long trip to the San Juan Islands. Feel free to make it your own.

The test questions themselves go beyond the shallow parts of your personality and get into the depths of who you are. I included scenario-based questions that really make you think and consider who you would be in those situations.

These questions lead to better and more accurate results for you, and maybe even sparks some self-understanding along the way.


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