Holistic Health Support for Everyone

Grab these goodies to accelerate learning about your body and healing yourself from a natural perspective

General Health

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack

Gentle, effective, and time tested to improve aches, pains, menstrual cramps, scar tissue adhesions, and more

Salt Bath Guide

Get better sleep, lower your stress, and replete your minerals with the #1 thing I recommend to my patients

Food and Diet

5 Day Food Stress Detox Challenge

Feel more confident, calm, and in control around your food by diving into your emotions around how you nourish yourself

Your Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Broth

Nourish yourself with this easy and versatile classic. Includes beef, chicken, and veggie options.


Seed Cycling Protocol

For support with PMS, irregular periods, cramping, and heavy periods.

5 Elements

5 Element Personality Test

Stop fighting your nature and start embracing who you are. Learn your 2 elements according to Chinese medicine and what they mean.

5 Element Blogs

Go deeper on your 5 element journey to learn why your elements are important, how the seasons impact your life, how Chinese medicine can support your health and more.

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