Stop Fighting Your Nature. Take the FREE 5 Elements Personality Test

Start embracing your innate superpowers. Uncover your two primary elements from Chinese Medicine… and what they mean.

According to Chinese medicine, there are 5 major energies in nature, called elements, that shape the core of who we are: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

Their influence on our lives can be profound as they frame how we experience and interpret the world.

Knowing your elements is an empowering step into self-discovery that can help you stop struggling in your life. Amplify your natural abilities based on the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine, so you can be less stressed and better aligned with your own needs.

All 5 Elements Touch Your Life,
But Two Impact You the Most… Discover Yours

Take this short assessment and reveal...

The 2 elements that most profoundly shape your experiences, relationships, and life.

Insights into your innate superpowers.

The greatest strength of each of your elements.

How you can go deeper in understanding your elements with practical, real-world advice.

Learn how to stay true to yourself and your foundational values and dreams. Stop fighting your nature, and instead embrace it.

“The results of this personality test resonated more deeply with me than others I have taken.

Maybe it is also that I could relate to the idea of an element; I know what fire feels like. An Enneagram number or Myers Briggs personality type is less tangible.

I now find myself adding the lens of elements to my process of exploring my inner world, my relationships and my patients. Very Cool!”

—Aimee H., Naturopath

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