Free Mini-Mentorship Session for Holistic Practitioners

I have a goal to interview 100 holistic practitioners for marketing research.

In exchange for a 15 minute interview I’ll offer you 15 minutes of mentorship. You can ask me anything about how I created an emotionally sustainable and fulfilling practice.

I have over 10 years experience integrating 5e and TCM acupuncture, practicing vitalistic naturopathic medicine, and running my own cash based practice and I’m happy to share my insights.

The nuts and bolts:

We’ll meet on Zoom and I’ll ask you some questions about your experience as a practitioner and business owner. It’s ok if you’re brand new to practicing! After I interview you then I’ll support you in any way that you’d like.

Here are a few ways I can support you:

  • You can ask me questions related to authentic marketing, practice management*, my favorite tools in practice, how to feel confident with patients, and more
  • We can chat about how to avoid burnout increase the sustainability of your practice
  • We can talk about the challenges of being an emotionally conscious healthcare professional in a system that values money over people
  • Or just show up and see what magic we can create together!

*Please note that I am a cash based solo practitioner, so I won’t be able to help with insurance billing, large clinic logistics, or employee management.

Why am I doing this?

Over the years I’ve found mentorship in the holistic healthcare fields difficult to come by in that it’s either non-existent or financially out of reach. Healthcare is an extremely rewarding but also extremely challenging profession that brings up many emotions including fears, doubts, shame, guilt, confusion, and limiting beliefs. We need community in order to sustain a heart-centered, fulfilling practice.

After working with Dr. Liz I now have the tools to build a stronger patient-practitioner relationship and personalize my treatments. I've already noticed better results for my patients.

—Keriann Swope, ND, LAc

Limited Availability:

Apply for Your Free Mini-Mentorship Session Today

In exchange for a short interview to better understand your needs and challenges as a holistic healthcare practitioner

Is this a discovery session (or sales call)?

No. If you’re interested in my mentorship program, then let me know and we’ll schedule a separate follow up discovery session to discuss working together. Discovery sessions are an additional 30 to 45 minutes.

My time learning from Dr. Liz has significantly shaped how I view and connect with my patients. Our time together enriched my perception and understanding of my patients and people in my personal life and has added more depth to the way that I practice medicine.

—Marina Johnson, ND, LAc

Dr. Liz totally transformed my approach to acupuncture and patient care. I was finding myself bumping up against the limitations of TCM and was seeking more tools, depth, and spirit. Her mentorship provided just that and more.

—Devin Garfinkle, ND, LAc

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