Grow your practice into an emotionally sustainable and meaningful business without taking insurance or running yourself ragged

Do you feel unfulfilled by short patient visits, fighting with insurance companies to get paid, and caring for so many people you feel like you’re drowning?

I’ve seen too many practitioners become burned out, overwhelmed, and stuck in their practice by using churn-and-burn business models that focus on getting more patients in the doors as the only way to make a living.

These models decrease connection, compassion, and hinder your ability to show up for your patients in order to fit the mold and “succeed”.

They also neglect the most fundamental aspect of good medicine: building meaningful relationships.

But there’s another way.

Here’s the key:


Your business model shouldn’t dictate what your medicine is. It needs to be built around your medicine in order for your practice to be emotionally fulfilling and sustainable. 

Your medicine is so much more than just your clinical skills. 

It's an expression of you on a spirit level. 

  • It’s how you hold space for people during a treatment who are moving through a difficult time.
  • It’s the energy you exchange during appointments, at the front desk, and over email or phone.
  • It’s the conversations you have with people about their lives and health and how you can help guide them.

At its core your medicine is about your relationships with your patients or clients.

And it will show up more consistently when you have a deeper connection and more time with your people.

When your medicine is expressed, you feel: 

  • nourished rather than depleted even with the toughest patients or clients
  • quietly confident in your abilities because you believe in your process
  • aligned with your principles (not compromising for the sake of making money) 
  • at ease with who you are and why you do what you do because you’ve consciously chosen what works for you rather than following a script or someone else

It’s my passion to help you develop a practice that connects you with the deepest parts of yourself so you can cultivate stability, contentment, and joy in your work and earn a living doing what you love because you chose it.

I work with acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors who either already run or want to run their own business. We work together to develop a business model that emphasizes deep, high quality relationships with your patients and clients.

I can support other practitioners, I just might not know all the ins and outs of your profession. I’ve worked with massage therapists, reiki practitioners, health coaches, therapists, and more.

What I can help you with:

Ethical Marketing

  • Collaborating to write your website messaging geared toward your ideal patient that’s authentic and represents you without being pushy or sales-y
  • Choosing marketing platforms that are the best fit for you and your goals (social media, blogging, videos, google ads, in person seminars, etc.)
  • Developing your niche and point of view so you can stand out from other practitioners
  • Growing a loyal local and online following without manipulation or cheesy tactics
  • Teaching you how to effectively communicate your work to your patients so they understand what you do and why you do it


  • Helping you make money in a way that’s aligned with your values and that you feel good about 
  • Helping you choose your rates and daily schedule to create an emotionally sustainable business so you can avoid burnout and create balance
  • Guidance on creating your business without spending a lot of money so you can keep your stress down as you grow
  • Sharing my favorite programs for accounting, scheduling, administrative tasks, and more 
  • Finding simple strategies to increase patient retention and satisfaction without adding a ton to your workload
  • Helping you run a cash based business if you don’t want to take insurance

Your Medicine

  • Dialing in your treatment structure and services so you’re practicing in a way that’s authentic to you
  • Helping you feel more confident with difficult patients with case reviews
  • Learning how to develop a strong therapeutic relationship so you can create deep rapport and heartfelt connection with your patients and better serve them
  • Mental/emotional support as you navigate finding your medicine and who you are as a provider
  • Building your practice to reflect and support YOU so that it nourishes you and attracts patients and clients who value your vision and style

Your Personal Growth

  • Providing you with emotional encouragement and resources because growing and running a business is deeply challenging and brings up core issues that need compassion and perspective
  • Teaching you how to effectively communicate your work to your patients so they understand what you do and why you do it
  • Helping you to dive deep and reflect on your own healing experiences in order to fully realize their value in working with patients
  • Supporting you in overcoming mental and emotional roadblocks to your personal and business growth like fear of being seen, feeling inadequate, and more

Here are things I don't help with:

  • Slick/sleazy new marketing tactics or making you hard sell potential clients
  • Insurance based billing strategies
  • Hiring and managing employees 
  • Strategies to see more than 2 patients an hour because I believe that connection matters
  • Pushing you to adopt a specific service framework that may not even be a for fit you or forcing you into a predetermined practitioner mold
  • Just a bunch of tools and marketing with no context around what a meaningful and sustainable practice means for you
  • Tech support – I’m happy to help with technical details where I can, but please know that’s not my specialty
  • Setting up your practice from the ground up - I have resources and tools I’ll happily share, but I won’t be able to help with all of the specifics

Dr. Liz totally transformed my approach to acupuncture and patient care. I was finding myself bumping up against the limitations of TCM and was seeking more tools, depth, and spirit. Her mentorship provided just that and more.

—Devin Garfinkle, ND, LAc

These mentorship sessions are focused on your personal needs. Your agenda, your growth.

Here’s what’s expected of you:

  • It’s your responsibility to bring what you’d like to work on to each of our sessions. I’m happy to provide my feedback, expertise, and encouragement. This is not a structured mentorship where we follow a predetermined roadmap. It’s self-driven by you and your needs at the time.
  • We’ll wrap up each session by talking about your next action steps and it’s your job to dive into those between sessions. If you have questions or need feedback I’m happy to support you between sessions.
  • It’s helpful to make a plan for each of our sessions ahead of time and send me your agenda so we know which direction we’re headed that day.

Finding your medicine and how you like to practice is a very active internal process that requires time, self-reflection, and effort on your part. 

It’s about discovering your own approach to patient care, business, and self-care and that’s why these sessions are designed to be self-driven.

Think of me as that spunky, kinda weird friend in your life who’s there to encourage you to figure out how to be the best version of yourself in the world and is super excited for you to succeed.

We all need to find our own unique path – one that supports us, our patients, and the success of our practice.

I’ll help you to find yours, and support you in the process of making it reality.

My time learning from Dr. Liz has significantly shaped how I view and connect with my patients. Our time together enriched my perception and understanding of my patients and people in my personal life and has added more depth to the way that I practice medicine.

—Marina Johnson, ND, LAc

There is so much magic in finding your medicine and building your business around your unique vision.

The world needs more practitioners who allow their heart to be their compass in the development of their practice.

If this sounds intriguing, but you're not quite sure yet, let's chat…

…with a free 30 minute 1:1 Mini-Mentorship Session.

We'll get to know each other and find out if we're a fit! It's a perfect first step with no obligation.

For those ready to work more in-depth…

Join the 1:1 Holistic Practice Mentorship with Dr. Liz Carter

Create a practice that feeds you emotionally, spiritually, and financially while developing more rewarding relationships with your patients or clients.

The 2 Month Package

2 months of mentorship, 4 sessions total

Let’s work together to build your business without having to break the bank.

Mentorship sessions are 1 hour twice a month. You are guaranteed to receive 4 sessions even if we surpass the 2 month timeframe. I’m happy to support you via email and Loom between sessions.

Or by Payment Plan:

The 6 Month Package

6 months of mentorship, 12 sessions total

You’re ready to go all in and know that meaningful change takes time and dedication.

Mentorship sessions are 1 hour twice a month. You are guaranteed to receive 12 sessions even if we surpass the 6 month timeframe. I’m happy to support you via email and Loom between sessions.

Or by Payment Plan:

Single Sessions

As needed mentorship sessions

If you’re not ready to commit to multiple sessions, no problem!

Maybe you only have a few questions, you want to test the waters to see what this is really about, or you've worked with me before and you just want to pop in. One follow up email or Loom response is included.

My Anytime Guarantee

While I hope that we’ll love working together, if this mentorship ends up not being the right time or the right fit for you, no worries. I'll guarantee a refund for any unused sessions in whichever package you choose.

After working with Dr. Liz I now have the tools to build a stronger patient-practitioner relationship and personalize my treatments. I've already noticed better results for my patients.

—Keriann Swope, ND, LAc

My Story

I run my acupuncture and naturopathic practice very differently than the standard business model.

Over 10 years ago when I first announced that I was going to offer 90 minute appointments, integrate all of my services, and that I wasn’t going to take insurance… I was told it wouldn’t work.

When I decided not to join business networking groups that weren’t a good fit or set up a booth at health fairs and do free talks… many eyebrows were raised.

I made my own way because I didn’t fit the mold.

I took the time to find myself, and as a result I found my medicine, my business structure, and marketing that felt good.

Now I attract patients who value what I have to offer and have a successful, in demand business with a 6 month waitlist.

I created a business for myself that strikes a balance between professional fulfillment, making a living, and leading a heart-centered, meaningful life.

I left behind years of…

Defining “success” as how many patients I saw, how much money I made, or how big my clinic space was

Allowing patients to push my boundaries, overscheduling myself, and fantasizing about leaving my practice behind to do something completely different because I was burned out

Constantly feeling guilty for not running my practice “the right way” by taking insurance, having short appointments, running multiple treatment rooms, and using cheezy or downright manipulative marketing tactics

When I did the inner work of defining my own version of success based on what fed my heart rather than material wealth, status, or the standard approach of my professions, my internal conflict lessened and I started to discover and embrace more of my own medicine.

I focused on developing deep therapeutic bonds with my patients, addressing the body, mind, and spirit in my appointments, and ethically attracting patients who resonate with me.

If you’re searching for your own unique path to find satisfaction, meaning, and balance while growing your business, I’d love to support your process.


What’s the structure of the mentorship?

We’ll check in and see what you’d like to talk about that day. During our first session, we’ll outline your overarching goals for our time working together. We’ll also settle on a time that works for both of us every 2 weeks and get you scheduled for the rest of your sessions.

For all sessions, please come prepared with your questions or feel free to email them to me ahead of time so we have an agenda.

I’ll take notes throughout the session on the topics we cover. You’ll have access to these notes during and after the session. They won’t be perfect, but they’ll be enough for you to review our topics of conversation.

In the last 5 minutes, we’ll review your goals and homework for the next session. I’ll write them down in the notes section of that day so you can reference them during the 2 weeks between sessions.

Any resources or handouts I mention will be available to you via a link in our notes document.

You’re welcome to ask me questions or send me materials for feedback between sessions (I’ll reply and offer targeted feedback within 72hrs).

Can I actually make money with a relationship-emphasized business model?

Yes there is some financial sacrifice, but it’s replaced with better care and emotional satisfaction and fulfillment as a practitioner.

And just to give you an idea, I earn an average of $150k gross sales with this business model, and this includes 25% of my patients on a sliding scale for half rate. I see patients 20 hours/week.

What if I feel like we’re not a good fit after a few sessions?

While I hope that we’ll love working together, if this mentorship ends up not being the right time or the right fit for you, no worries. I'll guarantee a refund for any unused sessions in whichever package you choose.

What inspired you to do this?

Learning how to be a doctor and a business person is a very challenging combination. We often feel like we’re “bad at business” because we’re empathic and want to build relationships rather than just make a buck. We have to find the balance between financial sustainability and feeling emotionally fulfilled and many times that particular answer lies outside of the typical healthcare business model.

I spent many years fumbling around in my business or feeling guilty, confused, and ashamed because I wasn’t practicing the way I saw most of my colleagues. My goal is to make it simpler for you. I want to help you intentionally design your business so it fits your lifestyle while acknowledging the emotional vulnerability and growth required to put your dream out into the world.

I could not have built the practice I have without the support of my mentors.

The relationships I cultivated with them during and after school fundamentally shaped who I am as a practitioner.

And the funny thing is, neither of them focused on business strategy or marketing – aka, what I thought I needed the most.

Instead, they grounded me in the knowledge that I knew enough and that I was enough when anxiety and doubt took over.

They reminded me of the truth and simplicity of my medicine when I lacked clarity about the next steps in my treatments and in my life.

And they helped me reaffirm who I was and encouraged me to embrace my own needs when I felt burned out.

I’m very grateful for the time, energy, and kindness they shared with me and I’m on a mission to pay it forward.

No matter where we are in our practice as healthcare professionals, we’re always growing and facing new challenges and we need support and guidance just like we provide for our patients or clients.

Creating an emotionally sustainable and meaningful practice is possible if you have the right foundation.

I’d love to help if it’s the right time and the right fit for you.

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