Online Workshop with Dr. Liz Carter:

Overcome Common Energy, Mood, and Focus Issues with Chinese Medicine, Including Anxiety Spikes, Energy Crashes, Mood Swings, Brain Fog, and More

Use 2000 year old traditional wisdom and practical strategies to address root chronic energy imbalances that cause attention, stamina, and mood issues

If you’re struggling to get through your day, you’re definitely not alone.

We want to feel engaged and energized, but many times we crash mid afternoon, can’t give our work or family the focus they deserve, or experience mood swings that hijack our emotions.

While these issues can seem to come from having too long of a to-do list each day, from the perspective of Chinese medicine they’re more often caused by chronic internal imbalances.

These imbalances can create symptoms like:

Having trouble waking up in the morning or winding down at night

Energy crashes after lunch or in the early evening

Spikes of anxiety, panic, or worry at certain times

Hot flashes or mood swings at predictable times

Feeling foggy, disconnected, and drained when you feel like you should have more energy

Trouble concentrating for longer periods of time

Each of these issues can be related to a specific organ in Chinese medicine. It might sound strange, but our organs have natural biorhythms, meaning their ability to function fluctuates throughout the day and night.

These traditional connections between your organs, the time of day, and your symptoms have been proven over thousands of years and can offer unique insight into your daytime focus and energy issues.

Understanding them can help you shift into a more balanced and healthy state and break long standing patterns that have challenged you for years.

How these methods have helped others:

“Thank you. This is sensible and easy to follow.” - Maria

“Exactly what I need, thank you!” - Nona

“I really like the way you explain how the body works according to Chinese medicine. It’s easy to understand.” - Sib

Hi, I’m Dr. Liz Carter

A licensed naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist practicing in the Seattle area since 2011. I love teaching people about their health through the principles of Chinese medicine and naturopathic medicine so they feel empowered, excited, and engaged with their healing process.

Discover how to use Chinese medicine to have a more joyful, productive, and balanced day through my workshop:

Improve Your Energy, Mood, and Focus with Chinese Medicine

Traditional Wisdom For Feeling Your Best During Your Day

In this 4 hour online workshop, I’ll teach:

The root cause of common energy, focus, and mood issues like crashing at certain times during the day or spikes of anxiety, worry, or tension according to Chinese medicine

How to understand the natural biorhythms of your organs and how they can impact the quality and consistency of your energy and mood

Practical strategies to support your concentration, stamina, and state of mind from a Chinese medicine perspective including bodywork exercises, mental and emotional reflection points, dietary recommendations, and more

My goal is to help you understand WHY your specific issues are happening and to provide you with natural options to help ease them.

You’ll receive:

A PDF of my slides so you can review the material as often as you’d like

A workbook filled with exercises and tools to help you naturally support yourself

Opportunity to ask questions in the course portal so you get the clarity you need

Bite-sized 10-25min videos so you can easily make your way through the material and pick up where you left off

Plus bonus handouts that bring the workshop material to life and make what you learned easier to apply in your life immediately.

Join Today for Only $110

Or Buy the Bundle and Save 20%

You'll get access to this workshop, AND my recent "Improve Your Sleep with Chinese Medicine" workshop for just $30 more (a $65 value - over half off!)

*Please note that the content of this workshop is not medical advice. It’s for educational purposes only.

How these methods have helped others:

“Thank you for this! I’ve never really understood why my body reacts the way it does until now.”


“I’m a western doctor who also loves TCM… thank you for your explanation about separating the physical job of the organs versus the energetic job in TCM! So many people confuse this concept and I love how clear you make it!”


“This is excellent advice. I enjoy your tips as they seem very relevant to me at the moment. Thank you!”


This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re tired of struggling to have enough energy and stay present during your day and you want a change
  • You’re hesitant to use pharmaceuticals and you’d rather to get to the root cause
  • You’re of the mind that your body’s systems are interconnected and that you’ll likely need to address multiple aspects of your life in order to feel better
  • You realize that the mental, emotional, and spirit-based levels of health can have a large impact on your outlook on life, your energy levels, and you ability to stay focused

How you feel throughout your day is dependent on a lot of factors and it’s not usually a quick fix to get to the bottom of things. It takes some detective work, determination, and patience to be able to get clear on how best to support yourself and your health.

Understanding how your organs function according to Chinese medicine is a great way to start gaining insight into your energy, mood, and focus issues.

How these methods have helped others:

“Such great advice! Our bodies are a great reminder if we have stepped out of line.”


“My digestion has gotten so much better since I stopped eating after dinner! I feel so much better and have even lost a little weight. It’s just what I needed!”


“Thank you for breaking things down in an easy to understand way.”



How long will I have access to the workshop and materials?

You'll have continued access for the life of the program to refer back to the material at any time.

How will I get the course workbook and materials?

Your workbook and materials will be available in your course portal after you complete your purchase.

What if I have questions?

You're able to ask questions in the course portal! You're also welcome to email me at

Will this workshop help with my ADHD?

ADHD is a multi-faceted issue that often requires multiple treatment modalities to address. This workshop can help you to understand more about what’s going on in your body at certain times of the day that may correlate to your attention issues, but it will not address the whole picture of your ADHD.

I feel like my energy is all over the place during my day. Will this workshop help?

This workshop’s main focus is to help you understand the natural biorhythms of your organs and their functions according to Chinese medicine. Insight into this information can help you understand why you’re crashing or energetic at certain times and how to support those organs that are in distress or out of balance.


Please note that the content of this workshop is not medical advice and is for educational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor if you have any questions about whether the material presented is applicable to you. This information is not a substitute for your current treatment or medication regimen regarding sleep. If you have serious medical or sleep issues, please consult your doctor.

Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied we’ll be happy to refund you within 14 days of your purchase. Please reach out to Dr. Liz to request a refund at

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