Live training for acupuncturists with Dr. Liz Carter:

Treating Trauma with 5 Element Acupuncture

Discover why this underutilized form of acupuncture can be transformative for your patients struggling with PTSD, obsession, addiction, identity issues, mood disorders, feeling stuck in life, and more

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September 13th at 4:30pm PST
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90 minutes (1 NCCAOM CE)
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You got into this profession because you genuinely care about helping people. It’s kinda the worst when you feel ineffective.

If you’ve been struggling to adequately address trauma in your patients, you’re not alone because many acupuncture schools don’t teach it.

Unprocessed trauma is incredibly common and it’s one of the main factors that can hold up someone’s healing.

Not being able to help your patients in this realm can lead you to feel:


drained and depressed because you end up treating the same things like PMS, irritation, energy levels, and pain on an endless loop and you want to go deeper with people


worried about patient retention and the growth of your practice because people seem to need more support than what you currently offer to make long term, whole being progress in their health


frustrated and uncertain because you know at least some of their symptoms are connected to their trauma but you can’t seem to get to that level

The vast majority of health complaints in the western world are rooted in emotional and spirit-based issues that are often caused by trauma.

People’s zest for life dwindles. They lose that spark of joy in their eyes. They stop appreciating the beauty of the world and have trouble connecting with those closest to them.

When we address their trauma, we can unlock a whole new life for our patients and a whole new satisfaction and fulfillment in practice for ourselves.

If you’re hoping to make a difference for your patients in the emotional and spirit-based aspects of their lives, this 90 minute live training is for you.

You’ll learn:

Why 5 element acupuncture is so effective for trauma and deep emotional matters so you can help your patients navigate those sticky issues that have been weighing them down for years


The piece of advice my mentor shared with me that changed my practice forever


Why treating trauma with 5E will make all of your other modalities more effective and increase patient retention and satisfaction


How 5E can support patients who don’t realize they have trauma or who aren’t ready to share their story but who would really benefit from trauma work


How to increase your own fulfillment and joy in practice by helping your patients heal in a lasting and meaningful way

Learning 5 element acupuncture has significantly shaped how I view and connect with my patients. Being able to identify someone's elements has helped me to understand their psycho-emotional state, how they think about the world, and their values.

This insight has not only facilitated more effective communication, but it has also allowed me to treat the true root of my patients’ health imbalances through acupuncture, lifestyle advice, and counseling, rather than simply chasing the symptoms.

—Marina Johnson, ND, LAc

5 element acupuncture is the perfect tool to help you care for all aspects of your patients’ being in a treatment.

It’s specifically designed to:


break longstanding detrimental behavioral patterns like addiction and obsessive tendencies caused by trauma


ground people in who they are so they feel calm, centered, and able to act in their own best interest


help people revive their spirit by rediscovering joy and meaning in their lives

We all have those patients we know are struggling deeply in their lives but who aren’t sure how to connect with themselves and heal.

5 element acupuncture offers a gentle, supportive nudge in the right direction.

It can reconnect people with their heart and purpose, help them to become more embodied, and reinvigorate their sense of identity.

If you’d like to learn more about how 5 element acupuncture can help your patients process their trauma and heal more deeply than they have before, sign up for my free, live training:

Treating Trauma with 5 Element Acupuncture

Discover why this underutilized form of acupuncture can be transformative for your patients struggling with PTSD, obsession, addiction, identity issues, mood disorders, feeling stuck in life, and more

Approved for 1 CE (NCCAOM)

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The 5 elements are like a Chinese medicine spin on psychoneuroimmunology. You can use them to access things that are unconscious or subconscious for your patients and provide treatment around those issues. I wasn’t able to do that with my other TCM based acupuncture education that would have, for example, chalked up someone’s irritation to superficial patterns like liver qi stagnation or heat in the heart instead of looking into the deeper reason behind that irritation. Now I have the tools to build a stronger patient-practitioner relationship and personalize my treatments. I’ve already noticed better results for my patients.

—Keriann Swope ND, LAc

Hi, I’m Dr. Liz Carter

I'm a licensed naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist practicing in the Seattle area since 2011.

I've been using 5 element acupuncture in my practice for over 10 years and I've been teaching others about this deep and beautiful medicine for more than 5 years.

Learning 5 element acupuncture brought the joy back into my practice because it offered me the opportunity to work at the root cause level with my patients and support them through the mental, emotional, and spirit-based challenges of modern life.

I love offering comprehensive, compassionate care that addresses all aspects of my patients' being.

My Story

Before I started practicing 5E I treated many patients who:

  • would make progress for a bit then relapse despite my (and their) best efforts
  • had pain I couldn’t touch with any of my acupuncture and bodywork skills
  • despite my gentle counseling, creating a safe and compassionate space, and showing them unconditional positive regard remained stuck in their detrimental behavioral patterns that were sabotaging their lives

I felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle and I had no idea where to find it.

Then I met my mentor who taught me 5 element acupuncture and my whole practice changed.

I could finally get to the bottom of what was holding my patients hostage and I saw stubborn cases of pain, depression, lack of treatment progress, and more shift significantly or even resolve.

My patients were happier and more satisfied with their care. Many came in for pain or physical issues and stayed for the mental and emotional benefits they experienced.

My fulfillment with my work skyrocketed because I felt like I had a tool to get to the root issues my patients were experiencing and I’ve never looked back.

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