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I saw this as I was walking around my neighborhood on Saturday and it reinforced my belief that I have some pretty cool neighbors.

In times like these we’ve got to look to the classics for guidance.

The uncertainty we’re living in is uncomfortable, but I’m also grateful for how connected we can all still remain through the magic of the interwebs.


Community, connection, and empathy are what will see us through this discomfort and into the light.


Not individualism, competition, or opportunism.

We need to protect and build up the most vulnerable people in order to truly unite and strengthen ourselves.

I’m heartened by all the folks I’ve witnessed taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and decrease the overwhelm on the healthcare system, even if it means standing outside a window to talk to a loved one.

The new definition of social distancing I’ve seen (social distancing = physical distancing + social solidarity) helps take the sting out of isolation for those who already feel isolated or who have mental health challenges.

I love all of the makers I follow online who are creating quarantine and social distancing kits and encouraging folks to craft along with them. 

The steps local businesses are taking to offer curbside pick up to support folks is heartwarming. My local bookstore had stacks of books prepped for customers when I stopped by yesterday to pick up my order.

And I’ve never seen so many public announcements from private companies willing to share their resources to make personal protective equipment for doctors and nurses.

Kudos to the folks using their time and energy to sew masks for healthcare workers on the frontlines.

And so much more.


As Brene Brown says, “we don’t have to be scary when we’re scared.”


Fear shuts down empathy and connection and allows judgment and separation to grow. 

We can choose something else.

Concern but not panic.

Awareness but not overwhelming fear.

The more we embrace and acknowledge our collective vulnerability, the more quickly we can mobilize and heal.

Thank you to everyone working their butts off right now to help humanity heal.

We are all in this together!

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